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    [Team Alpha Wolf] Recruiting Raiders/Casuals on PS4 (3/4 down, Razorback to 25%)

    Hello all!

    Team Alpha Wolf is a new clan focused on daily grinding of missions, PvP, and most importantly raiding. We were formed by a group of dedicated players who really enjoy the game, partying up and shooting the **** while blowing through content as best we can.

    We are recruiting dedicated and aspiring raiders in particular, with a number of flexible raid times to fit any Time Zone.

    What do we offer?
    For you hardcore raiders, we have dedicated players willing to grind the content for hours on end without quit. We have strong theorycrafters who can help make your builds better and who are down to grind those missions and Dark Zones with you over and over to find those perfect pieces. The clan and raid leader has been a hardcore WoW raider since Vanilla and has lead raids, raid carries, and raid sales in Wow, Rift, and Destiny.

    For casual players, we offer a non-elitist attitude about the game. We know it's a game and while a lot of us like to play hard, we know that's not how everyone enjoys the game.
    Don't know what a good build is? Our leadership will help explain to you what you need and where to look for resources.
    Need some gear? Our teams love to party up and share gear to make our groups stronger.
    Can't make raids every week at the same time? There are flexible raid groups lead on slow schedules and we aspire to eventually be able to carry players through raids.

    What do we NOT want?
    We don't want selfish attitudes. We want people who like to team up. We want people willing to help each other out. We want people who can **** talk but who won't talk ****.

    If this sounds like the clan for you, request an invite. We have a Discord as well where we post all sorts of stuff (both relevant and absurd).
    We're always looking for dedicated agents!
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    Interested in joining

    I'm interested in joining your clan. I like what I read and would be a helpful clanmate if given the chance.
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    I'm interested in joining you guys if you're still recruiting. PSN is walbomb. Have discord, mic, a couple raid ready builds and lots of raiding experience from several different games.
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    I want to join your clan

    I would like to join your clan. It looks very active and helpful. Looking forward to do all type of D2 content. My ps4 username is OnePunchJoey_PR. Thank you in advance.
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    Clan invite

    Can I get invite to clan I have discord
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    Looking for a clan

    I’ve played Div 1 from day one up til day one of Div 2. Looking for an active clan. “Soulptrl” on PSN
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    Id love to join an active clan.
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    Send discord invite please -Gudgodah#0940
    PS4 -Gudgodah
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    requesting to join


    Are you still recruiting? I'm interested in joining, can't seem to find your clan in the search. IGN: Buddah__808. (two underscores). I'm raid ready
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    Interested psnemonEyez91
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