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    Remove defensive meta....I still donít get it

    My main problem to understand this Ubisoftís obsession of replacing the Defensive play with frenzy attacking is that For Honor is not only a game of Duels but also of 4v4 modes.

    If they start giving too many attacking tools to reduce the defensive play in duels, they need to be aware that affects directly to dominion making it impossible in most of the cases.

    This is why we have a lot of posts in these forums complaining about ganking and the opponent teams with 3 or 4 repeated chars.

    Ubisoft needs to define the line between duels and 4v4, because if they modify the game thinking only in one side the other will be destroyed

    At this point, I feel like dominion is way too affected with the recent chars and reworks

    Would it be fine if duels become less important, even remove from the game but only if Ubisoft recreate the 4v4 formula?.....I think they started with an idea of having classes because they were going to interact in collaborative play so they could beat the opponents....but in some point they forgot about that and try to make every char to be able to face in 1v1 all the other existing chars in the roster and I think that is the problem.

    I would like to see a dominion where each time must have at least a vanguard, an assassin and a heavy, leaving the 4th slot to a hybrid or another of the other three classes. Make heavies have a lot of HP, slow but with super armor, making it a thread that has to be faced by two players. Assassin would be key in speed move across the battlefield and maybe healing, vanguards could be those that buff the other teammates (due to their leadership) while hybrids could be a mix of those features that we all know started defined for each of the classes and that were lost in the last years (like giving hyper armor to an assassin...sorry for the mention Berserker)

    If something like that could be addressed the game would be more tactical and fun imo. Right now everyone gets offended if their mains are not available of beating the whole roster. In a tactical game knowing that a single assassin hardly would be able to beat a heavy wonít be a problem, because we will know that cooperation is the key and that we all have to play intelligently.

    In summary, I think this game is lacking of the feeling of being part of something bigger. With Duels as a main part of the game is too easy to fall into individualism when playing 4v4 and in wanting that each character to have all the existing advantages and feats that we see in the roster, and when that is impossible, we complain about them.

    I know that changing the game in the way mentioned above is impossible at the time, but just wanted to share and maybe, just maybe to find people that share the feeling and have even better ideas to start having a better immersion in a cooperative game.

    Regards, see you in the battlefield
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    You got a good point here...

    This games is currwntly take a whole different direction of how it meant to be at the very beggining...

    And class don't mean anything anymore...

    And its true that making all character viable for 1v1 completely change the way 4v4 is being played...

    Support character aren't meant to be duelist .... making them so versatile killed the assassin's purpose
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    Originally Posted by Maxime_Qc- Go to original post

    And class don't mean anything anymore...

    Support character aren't meant to be duelist .... making them so versatile killed the assassin's purpose
    There characteristics that at initial phase were defining the role of each class in the battlefield to win the match, like getting more reputation points while defending a captured zone, getting more points by killing minions, getting more points by killing enemy heroes, or capturing faster a zone...all that had a tactical purpose at first.....but now it has been forgotten....there is no way to expect that a teammate will stay and keep the zone when he feels that he can face anyone alone in all the battlefield (pushed by all this feeling of individualism in the game).

    It could be nice to see these things returned to the game, making you feel part of a team when selecting your char and knowing that you will have a specific role in the battlefield so your time can win the match.

    Sigh.....but well, we can still dream with it...right?
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    The funny thing is turtling is still the best way to play in 1v1 fights.=)
    I met Warlord couple days ago. And he did nothing. Just stare at me and wait. If I did the same, he just headbutted me til death. As Nobu I have zero chances to opened him up. Sad.
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    I think that, if you look at Warrior's Den episodes or the State of Balance blogs, it's clear that the heroes existing in different ways across the modes is something that's impacted the devs' thinking. Removing Duels from the game is not something that's on the table - each hero has varying abilities that result in different places in each meta. The goal is not to make everyone exactly a 50/50 hero in each mode.

    I would argue that ganking and 4-stack complaints have existed since very early days. This is not a product of the move away from the defensive meta, or at least I think that the record shows that it's not directly related. We always get these spikes around the time new heroes/reworks release and everyone's playing them.

    Hero choice in For Honor is a relatively big commitment, so we don't want to force players away from whatever they're trying to select. I get what you're saying about diversifying Dominion though. I've relayed community concerns about the overall play & identity of Assassins to the team, for example.
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    They are pushing this game towards a much simpler style of play...

    Shug re work - Simpleton, safe
    BP - Simpleton playstyle
    Raider re work - Simpleton HA Safe
    Hito - HANDS down the simplest character in the entire game to play, high reward

    I imagine they are seeing a lot of new players join this game and leave sharpish when they come up against all of the try hards who have played this game from day dot.... Simplifying the game like they are makes it much easier for new players to adapt.

    You are correct though the new meta of simple jack, HA hit hitting spam fest is pretty depressing -_- especially if your an assassin one miss click away from being 2 shot.... again.
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