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    AC III, can't play offline, the game crash on loading screen

    yesterday i started to play AC III, last patch is installed, i was online. today i tried to continue to play the game but my PS4 was offline, tried 2 times but the game crashed on loading screen, after i click on AC 3 title on the main menu. now i will try to play again while i'm online and connected to PSN, but i often play offline so hope you can fix this. at least i hope that the game will start while i'm online, otherwise i must delete and download it again
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    confirmed, i can play to AC 3 only when i'm online, if i launch the game while i'm offline, the game crash during the loading screen on the menu. not a big problem but weird.
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    Hey SilverRevenge,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    It certainly sounds bizarre, have you tried the steps in this FAQ?
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    as i said, no problem, i finished the main game playing online now i will try to play the DLC but i think i will wait a fix for the several bugs because i can't waste my time
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    AC 3 Remastered crashing

    Same issue for me. Lost internet during storm and it crashed 4 straight times during the load screen after I selected continue saved game.
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