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    11/12 comic book issue

    I'm at the end of a co-op campaign. We've been to all 12 locations twice before deciding that the game is bugged. One of the comics is missing and isn't showing up on the map. Using a guide, we revisited everywhere they can spawn and it still doesn't show up.
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    Hi Scerzy! Thank you for the report. Did you purchase the map that reveals the locations for the collectibles like the comic books? Do you have a screenshot from what you are currently seeing?
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    Hi, yes we have the map for all the collectibles, but the last one of the 12 won't show up. We looked up a guide, but forgot which ones we already collected, so we revisited all 12 locations and couldn't find anything.

    What would you like a screenshot of? I can maybe take a few of the map to show no icons, or the locations themselves to show there's no comic book.The one we are missing is a Mars comic book

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