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    please ban this piece of ****.

    Hi Ubisoft, please ban this piece of ****.

    His name is Dr.Beexo, he also goes by removed

    He plays one round then hold game up for 2 hours in lobby.

    Out of curiosity I googled his alias and found that he has been engaging with this behavior for atleast 2 years, I also youtube searched his alias and found someone that has even video evidence of him engaging in this conduct which is less then a week old.

    removed video

    Clearly the in-game report feature is not working if this fellow is allowed to continue playing.

    I know that naming and shaming in forums is not allowed (so blurr out his name) but he even gloats in the microphone how Ubisoft will do nothing.

    I only started playing this game less then a year ago and I enjoy it otherwise. So I implore you to please ban this piece of **** and all of his accounts.
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    Hey tendzz

    I'll make sure this gets looked into, I've removed the video and name from your post.

    Feel free to DM me in the future instead if you encounter players like this.
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    Thank you, I certainly will in the future, and thank you for your response!
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