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    xbox one X 4K/HDR update for AC BLACk FLAG,AC UNITY,AC SYNDICATE.

    Ubisoft please make an update for these great games on X. thanks.

    we deservers it.
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    That would be awesome!
    It dosent need to be a remaster, just a one x/ps4 pro update, you would get a ton of fans playing those games again!
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    up for update!
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    I would love to see these Games in 4k and play it again. But before Ubi will do that for the current generation the will bring it up to the next Gen PS5 and Project Scarlett.
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    i want 4k native patch for ac 4,5,6 for my xbox one x...

    900p is horribile for the best console on the market...
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    Get a PC. There, problem solved. Every resolution you could ever want.
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    i have pc(is in my avatar for precision...)also but i dont care
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    add me

    wanna add on uplay i plan to play the xbox one assassin games next including remasters i already beaten ACII and up to present Rouge i know have to play Black Flag again on XBONE i plan to play the Playsation versions as well only have PS4 with Black Flag my uplay is Player3Carmine GT:Player3Clayton
    i plan to play Far cry 5 and love to compare stats and kills and sync missions thanks peeps stay perky
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