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    We do have Rainbow Six Quarantine coming out around Christmas and will be a 3 player co-op game built around a campaign instead of mostly PvP. But it will be sci-fi in nature with alien zombie virus creatures so it won't exactly scratch that old Tom Clancy R6 itch unfortunately

    To answer OP question, I would say I seriously doubt you'll ever see a good ole fashioned Tom Clancy R6 game again. The last great one was RavenShield. That slower, methodical pacing and game play we loved about those games doesn't get embraced by today's audiences or developers. Now it's all shooty, shooty, fast reacty constant edge of your seat roller coaster. Gameplay that can go 5 minutes without spotting an enemy, much less 16 of them is just lost on the short attention span audiences of today.
    Quarantine wont be a Tom Clancy game either - just Squad based CoD... and the alian crap - is well crap.. But lets assume they do it correctly - it still wont be a game, it won't have the squads like it should where you use pre planning, set up a Go code and hit a room/building/ship/plane ect from multiple directions at the same time.

    And the sad thing is its not even R6... they ****** up all Tom Clancy games and his gaming legacy.

    You want to see how to carry his legacy on correctly? look at the books carrying his name - those authors worked hard to learn his style and continue it on. what did Ubi do when Tom left? Bastardize his methods and style.
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    Rainbow Six is a dead name. At this point, it you were to take the R6 name off of this game, just call it "Generic Twitch Shooter Siege" or whatever and remove all references to R6 – you'd never know this game use to be part of that once great franchise of games.
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