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    Release Free Stand-alone Map Editor

    Not sure if this has been suggested before but I think the Farcry map editor should be released as a standalone free to play game with micro transactions. Only the basic Farcry content should be free to all players. Watchdogs, Assassins Creed, Lost on Mars, Hours of Darkness, Dead Living Zombies etc content should all be paid for extras. Anyone who owns Farcry 5 should get everything from Farcry 5 for free in this map editor.

    Every month or so Ubisoft could add new items to use in your maps, but you only pay for what you want, or you could buy a bundle for cheaper.

    They could also add new gameplay options that you could pay for. So if you don’t want to play in first person you could buy a Watchdogs gameplay addon. This would allow you to play in 3rd person with parkour and hacking.

    Or if you want your bounty hunt to be more stealth based you could buy a Splinter Cell addon.

    These are just a few examples.

    Being a free to play game will encourage more players to join the community whether they want to create their own maps or play other creators content. Having micro transactions will allow Ubisoft to have a constant income and a reason for them to keep updating the game with new items and gameplay options.
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    Yep, this has come up several times (e.g. here and here).

    I really love the creativity of the Far Cry editors. I think most players paid far more attention to the SP campaign because the Arcade experience fell a bit short. The maps are smaller, simpler in terms of storytelling/(sub)missions, and the gameplay/quality varied a lot per map. Furthermore, PVP was lacking lobbies to begin with and maps were limited to a (Team)Deathmatch gamemode with a limit of 8 (non-respawning) vehicles per map.

    Charging extra money for additional content may pose an issue though. Would you charge map makers making their maps, or also players that want to play those maps? There are far less map makers than there are players, so just charging map makers would not bring in too much money. On the other hand, charging players for access to the assets used in maps would prevent lobbies from filling up when players don't all have the required content packs unlocked.

    I think it would be really cool if the content packs would add perks and abilities for the player though. It could even introduce a "playerclass" like feature to the game, where players could get rewards and play as certain Ubisoft characters with special abilities (Far Cry 4's Ajay bringing his FC4 Harpoon Gun, Sam Fisher could have night vision, etc)
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    Well if ubisoft even cares about the map editor and fc multiplayer they would have at least put more effort into fc5 arcade.
    But if they do make another attempt like arcade (which was a surprise to me considering they gutted it from 4) they should sell for like 20 dollars and, have cosmetic only microtransactions.
    They also actually need to put more effort in then copy pasta the coop with friendly fire on into the multiplayer.
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    Ubisoft Game Creator

    Unity, Unreal, Godot and others offer free tools for creating and publishing games. Compared to the Arcade Editor these tools have a really steep learning curve and creating content takes ages. I would love to see the Arcade Editor as a standalone product like "Ubisoft Game Creator" with better tools for adding narrative elements (such as adding your own audiofiles, 3d models, textures, text files and the ability to link maps together.

    I've had this idea for a post-apocalyptic narrative story, but learning coding and building everything from scratch would take too much time.
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