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    Hi, folks.

    I want to get some thoughts on getting a new flight controller system. What I have now is an old Wingman Force (first edition). I have been playing with IL2 Sturmovik for a while and it is becoming evident that one really, REALLY needs to be able to keep track of the enemy (target) while maneuvering. This is not very easy! If you lose your target, they may well end up on your six. I understand that some of you use a ball mouse on your left to allow smooth mouse looking with one of your buttons assigned to snap your view back to front and center.

    I thought of perhaps getting a new Saitek X52 stick and throttle and using the throttle's 8-way rocker to look but then I wondered if the rocker would be smooth enough. My hat switch is really not cutting it for me and I don't want to invest $100 to get a system when all I really needed was a good roller ball for my left hand.

    What should I do? What do you folks use? I could buy anything at this moment!
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    Track IR the bes bit of kit you can get.

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    I use an X-52 system with CH pro pedals. Love it. I use to use a Sidewinder Precision 2 and it was great as well. The X-52 and others like just offer more options and virtualy eliminate have to touch the keyboard. Its also more precise.

    The CH combo is a great way to go if you want to drop 300 dollars. But if your looking for best bang for buck I would say go with the X-52. If you dont like the twist rudder then opt for pedals when you got the extra cash.

    FYI my X-52 is about 1 year old and functions like the day I recieved it. And its used very often. The CH pedals are going on a year as well and they are rock solid...which is to be expected from CH.

    GL in your choice.
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    Depends on what you want, I guess.
    The Saitek gives you a throttle and stick in one package for 100 something dollars, has a twisty stick so you don't need rudder pedals, and has a crapload of features, but is somewhat cheap, and looks like an X-Wing control column.
    CH, on the other hand, is supposed to be extremely durable and of high quality, has lots of features as well, and has a down to earth look, but you'll have to a set of rudder pedals, and/or throttle, both of which cost $150. (That's $450 if you go for the whole setup, including their top-of-the-line joystick) The throttle also has less features than the X52's.

    Oh, and instead of just using the clumsy ole' hatswitch, I'd recommend you get a TrackIR if you can afford it. (Adding the Vector Expansion also increases it's awesomeness)
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    Depends on what you want to spend and timing. If you just want something as a inroducgtory HOTAS that isnt too expensive.. I recommend a reconditioned Saitek X-52 for $69.. It comes with a full warranty and is in my opinion a great bargain. If you get the reconditioned Saitek then you can also toss in a Track IR & CH Rudder Pedals for $209.45 Basically thats $279 for a full blown HOTAS, TIR & Rudder pedal setup.
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