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    Fatskiguy, perfect Far Cry 6 for you will be something like FC6 = FC3 + New Dawn!?
    Good villains and allies + crafting, scavenging.
    But I want to add - "FC3" + "New Dawn" + innovations.

    But, as for me, personally, I like when bad guy....."Sh-t! But he's saint!" in the end.
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    I'd be happier if they dropped the RPG elements. New Dawn did improve some things from FC5, but I feel like it should return to the series roots with Far Cry 3 and give the campaign and writing a different approach. Exploring places that the player cannot normally access or only see in specific missions was something I really enjoyed in Far Cry 3. Far Cry 4 did it similarly but sadly scaled back on it. Far Cry 5 however omitted this style of missions and gameplay entirely.
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    Why does everyone bust a nut on Far Cry Primal's forehead all the time? That game was damn good. It was refreshing, unique in it's right and stuck to the core survivalist concept more than the other recent entires did. It was a damn brilliant game. Was it not a far cry game because it happened to take place in prehistoric era and you didn't have guns? It's literally the only thing people have to say about it. It had a perk system, stealth or attack options, outposts, home base upgrading, and unique animal companionships. It was a purists Far Cry.
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    I thought Primal was great. I honestly feel not enough was past on into future games from Primal such as the animal riding and weather effects on your character.
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    FC5 is the best for me, followed byt FC3 and FCND. Maybe we could get some DLCs for ND too as we wait for a FC6. Would make the waiting easier for all FC fans
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    Originally Posted by crunc01 Go to original post
    I'm a PC gamer.. mostly combat flight sims and Racing sims.
    BUT of all the "shooter" type games I only play "offline" and only like Far Cry's and second to that Wolfenstein's, then Crysis.. I have tried the demo's of others and they have never drawn me in.. especially those with too much RPG crap going on..and if bad graphics I leave immediately..

    I've been a Fan of and Playing Far Cry's since FC1

    It was nice having the DLC's for 5 as they gave new gameplay and more fc...

    New Dawn was a Very good stand alone half price almost add-on finish to the FC5 story...

    Yes 5 and ND had some changes that REALLY sucked.. BUT.... not going into that, not what this tread is about..

    The long wait between 4 and 5 for development was tough ... ( I ignored Primal it was no where near a FC game)

    Then finally we got 5 and for the "most part" I think it was the best so far, then a little while the add-ons.. then in a year FC ND. I got spoiled.. getting so much Far Cry in relatively so little time between the releases...

    Now I sit bored after more play-throughs than I care to admit on all of them knowing we "Might" get lucky and get the next one within 3 years..

    I really wish they could release some smaller incremental DLC in the interim just to make the wait not as bad LOL

    replaying 1 through 4or by resetting outposts.. or redoing the excursions, and replaying the DLC's depending on 5 or ND does not give me what I crave along with the action....
    a new interesting story to follow and find the outcome of.
    Aw mate, how can you say primal was not a farcry game, i personally thought it was ace.
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    I was about to create a new tread for FC6, glad urs was on top. My very first was fc3 since i was in school and couldnt afford a gaming pc or even the game, had to play cracked version with 25 fps on lowest settings ;D. after i turned 20 and got a job, oh baby, new build, legaly purchased retail and started my adventure. since fc3 i didint missed a single part, played them all, enjoyed alot. Many dont like primal, but for me its was a whole new experience. FC franchise is one of best we can get on the market. though times waiting ahead, next release after 3 - 5 years? who knows. but its worth to wait. what i think about the next game. i checked the map

    whats left, greenland, south america, canada maybe south or north poles



    lets hope we will have fun like in previous game
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    Well, Vaas was good, but not the best. Also, FC3 has a lot of unnecessary crafting items. It is too much complicated and store menu is confusing. FC3 is not the best.

    Also, easiest for gameplay was FC2, but weapon damaging - after a few magazines weapon was destroyed and player throw it away. If you was too far from store, it was very annoying.

    FC4 was much better than previous FCs, easier crafting, Pagan Min is very good, but FC4 lacks fully playable campaign in coop. Also, I can't understand red trees in north part of Kyrat :/

    FC5 - Bryk as Joseph was amazing. RP system is very bad, but this can be fixed by mods, so not as bad, it's minor thing. Fully coop campaign is the best thing + very nice graphics and details, also map is not divided into south and north like previous FC.

    FCND - well, it could be good if Hope was created full, not only part of it, but it is not "full" game, so... RPG style is not bad and it definitely better in gameplay than FC5, it is more motivating. And expeditions are very nice, but it's pity they didn't finish two expeditions Skywalk and Ship Wreck. Also, why in Hope there is aurora borealis and in expeditions there isn't?

    The worst was FCP - this, well, I played only for like 20 minutes and it deleted it. Definitely the worst FC.
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    For me the best FCs were in order:

    1. Far Cry 3

    2. Far Cry 2

    3. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

    4. Far Cry 4

    5. Far Cry 1

    6. Far Cry 5

    I haven't played Primal or Instincts and its ports.
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    Well you can't put there FC1, because it is completely different game (also style) from different studio. You can say that FC1 is more like Crysis 0.5. The only thing what is the same is name "Far Cry", that's all.

    I think FC5 and ND is the best, also as I said RP system can be changed by mods, so... Blood Dragon, well, it is not my cup of tea.
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