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    This game is unbarable if you suffer from Tinnitus

    I really enjoy this game since I got it today morning HOWEVER I have chronic Tinnitus in my ears that is constant, and the "pain" high pitch sound effect whenever you land or break is just torture to my ears. I would appreciate an option to turn this off without turning the whole sound effect of the game completely as well.
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    Sorry to hear that.

    I've moved your topic to general discussion for more visibility.
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    Even without tinnitus it is pretty excruciating after extended play sessions, especially when you're attempting really difficult runs that are going to have you crashing every few seconds while you learn the course... or if you're on the last sliver of bearable Gs during a race, meaning the ringing just doesn't stop. An option to mute that sound effect would be highly appreciated because otherwise the game's audio is superb and a large part of the experience (so fully muting it isn't ideal).
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    Yeah I have to agree. Having the option to turn off the tinnitus effect would be much appreciated. I can't stress this enough.
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