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    [Maintenance Alert] All Platforms - May 16th 2019

    Hello everyone,

    We will be performing a maintenance tomorrow, May 16th, at 9:00 AM ET / 13h00 PM UTC for v2.09.2. Maintenance is scheduled to last about 1.5hrs until 10:30 AM ET / 14h30 PM UTC across all platforms. The following changes will be made with this update.

    Dynamic Rewards
    • [Adjustment] Tweaked the dynamic rewards values to adjust the amount of XP and steel rewarded at the end of matches.
    • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where the rewards from Duel vs. AI were pulling from the wrong reward pool.

    Developer Comments: We’ve monitored the reward gains over the week and saw the system wasn’t behaving as intended. On top of that there was a bug with the minimum rewards from Duel vs. AI that resulted in an even lower value for this mode.

    • [Bug Fix] Fixed an exploit that allowed the Highlander to consistently remain in invulnerability frames by "Wave Dashing"
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    any new about the shinobi guard direction and dodges bug fix?
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    And yet still no split screen

    They are still updating bugs that I don't even see, but they won't even think about getting split screen mode, even if a lot of people is asking for it, even if they wanted to put it in the beginning, a lot of people would buy the game only for the split screen mode, they could make more profit be cause they get more clients so what's stopping them?
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