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    Operation Oracle - Patch Notes


    Welcome to Operation Oracle, Ghosts.

    With this free update to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, starting on May 2, you will have access to two brand-new missions that will plunge you headfirst into a scenario that will challenge your perception of the truth.

    You will be called by Bowman to extract a Skell Tech Engineer that has been arrested by Unidad. The asset has knowledge of sensitive US industrial secrets that must be protected.

    There you will meet Major Cole D. Walker, a fellow Ghost Team Leader with his own agenda.

    During Operation Oracle, you will uncover information that will redefine loyalty. Make sure you explore thoroughly, Ghosts.

    What you will discover here might very well set the scene for the future.


    If you have completed the first mission of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, Operation Oracle will be automatically equipped.

    You will find the start of the operation in the province of Montuyoc, which is marked by a symbol on your TacMap.


    Completing Operation Oracle will unlock two unique rewards to use in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.

    Executioner CQC Finisher

    Equip Walker’s bracelet to unlock a brutal new CQC finisher.

    Walker Tattoo

    Get Walker’s Ghost tattoo for your arm.


    Walker Costume

    You will be able to get this reward via the Ubisoft Club at a later date. We will share more information on how to unlock the Walker Costume soon.


    Invite your friends to play Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands free from May 2–5.


    PvE/General Fixes

    Guerrilla Mode

    We’ve been following the feedback from our community regarding Guerrilla mode at the launch of Special Operation 4. We believe several issues were contributing to the difficulty, including errors with matchmaking and launching sessions without full squads.

    Our team has taken care to address those issues, which we hope will help create a more balanced experience in Guerrilla mode.

    • Improved Guerrilla mode's matchmaking process, which launched sessions after a friend joined a player in Matchmaking search before four players were present.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where the game would start without forming a full squad in public matchmaking.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where the player would not be moved to the lobby after accepting an invitation.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where the player would not win the Cosmetic Rewards if they left before the Victory Score screen.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where AI teammate's customization would reset after entering a new session.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where you could unequip the mission.
    • Fixed an audio issue in Guerrilla mode when the Game Lost Score screen is shown.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where vehicles with dead NPCs in them would not despawn at the end of a wave.
    • Fixed an issue where the last NPC enemy of Guerrilla mode would despawn immediately after killing him.
    • Improved replication issues present in Guerrilla mode during co-op sessions.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where a Game Over can be triggered without the timer being displayed.
    • Fixed an issue where some skills bonuses could be canceled by changing the difficulty during a Guerrilla mode session.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where the shopkeeper's subtitles and voice over would be cut off due to the ending screen.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where enemy alert levels would downgrade to Undetected / Suspicious under certain circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue where all weapons and attachments bought in Guerrilla mode appeared as "New" in the main game afterward.
    • Fixed an issue preventing to unlock Survivor pants and Survivor shirt cosmetic items in Ghost Mode after winning Guerrilla mode.

    All Platforms

    • Fixed an issue with the M110 Bullet Drop being too strong.
    • Removed the requirement to complete Silent Spade and Snafu missions to unlock the Mission Master trophy.
    • Fixed a localization issue where there was no spacing between Continue Campaign text for Asian localizations.
    • [SILENT SPADE] Fixed an issue with Kozak where he would slide away when a user shoots him while he is giving his briefing.
    • Fixed an issue with the Buchon Marcus Jensen causing him to have the wrong animation in certain cases.
    • Fixed an issue where completing all Main Game missions showed only 98% completion.


    • Improved performance when using Nvidia Ansel with Nvidia driver 418.91.
    • Fixed an issue in Ghost mode where weapons switch back to default between play sessions.
    • Fixed an issue in Guerrilla mode where subtitles would only show for the host of a party in a co-op session.

    Store + Items

    • Fixed a visual issue with the ACU shirt clipping with female character costume parts.
    • Fixed an issue where players would not receive their bonus XP from XP boosters.
    • The Night Vision effect from Fast Panoramic NVGs, Fast Special NVGs, and High Cut Spec. NVGs no longer use the old Night Vision (Green) filter, instead of using the newer (yellow) filter.
    • The AOR1 camo now uses more authentic colors/patterns.
    • Fixed an issue where the Hiking backpack would clip with the Molle vest and Crossdraw vests.
    • Fixed several issues present with the Gorka outfit.
    • Fixed a customization issue with the Crossdraw vest clipping with female characters.
    • Fixed a clipping issue with the Gunfighter Jacket and ACU shirt clipping with pants.
    • Fixed an issue with the Mic Drop emote where the syringe was stuck in the character's wrist.
    • Fixed an issue with the Heavy Riot Control vest not showing the patches on its shoulder pads.
    • Fixed an issue on some vests where the ammunition was following the player's movements rather than the vest itself.
    • Fixed an issue forbidding the player from buying Crates & Boosters in DLCs.


    All Platforms

    • Limited the number of simultaneous mines deployable by the Sapper's drone to 3.
    • Reduced the health of Sapper’s drones to bring it more in line with the drones used by Medic and Guerrilla classes.
    • Fixed an issue in Ghost War allowing an exploit (known as Crouch-run) by using emotes and Pistol-specific abilities.
    • Fixed several collision issues on several PvP maps.


    • Improved the ping function in Ghost War where spamming the Ping input caused high ping conditions.
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    lol... I'm sorry, what? You return for a 3rd year, but only to start off with a patch that literally solves half of the problems. Thank god that you fixed the M110 having a BROKEN bullet drop (that the devs broke on their own), and thanks for fixing the ------- wait, that's pretty much it. You didn't fix any legacy bugs such as the locked up helicopter glitch (where when flying in classic you could sometimes fly backwards into the air uncontrollably), you didn't fix any of the vehicle spawning bugs, you didn't fix the LVOA-C Comp sight bug, you didn't fix any of the extremely broken OP guns that exist (capable of destroying any vehicle in one hit or having a distinct lack of bullet drop), you didn't fix enemies walking through solid surfaces, you didn't fix the invisible enemies or teammates in multiplayer (where you literally can not see or interact with them, but they can shoot your kill you), you didn't fix load outs being reset when entering Ghost Mode, you didn't fix various sniper rifles having clearly the wrong reload animation, you hardly fixed anything at all!

    This patch is probably going to be every other patch ever made all combined, again, to come to a grand total of 100000000000000GB, so that's great. On top of this, I bet there will be more broken things than fixed things, and the new mission won't be much fun.

    I know I sound pretty stuck up, but the worst thing about all of this is that we never get updates about what bugs the devs are fixing, we don't get updates when the next patches are coming, WE KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about anything! Honestly if the dev team just dropped the game, at least there would be a reason why nothing is getting fixed, but NO. We have all of these problems and we don't know IF they are going to be fixed, WHEN they are going to be fixed, or IF no one actually cares. I love this game, but why do you guys mess up patches so badly?

    Is it the Community Managers failing to pass on the important bugs? Is it the devs, being lackadaisical or ignorant to what the player base wants? Is it the corporate cash grabbers barking orders and demanding unreasonable things? Is it "Ghost Recon Wildlands 2" diverting too many resources? Chances are, it's everything at the same time, but that doesn't excuse Ubisoft's ability to SEE what bugs demand priority.

    To anyone reading this... how many bugs did I miss? Also, do you agree with my rant or disagree?

    Again, I love this game, but at this point I'd rather the devs just drop the whole thing and not piss people like myself off even more with their terrible priorities.
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    Still no bipods? No new weapons (apart from the knife pseduo-weapon)? Too funny. And here I was thinking Ubi would give me a reason to reinstall with their launch of Year 3 content.
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    Extremely happy to see more missions added to this brilliant game. Bugs and all it is still one of my fav games.

    Was a little surprised that there was no new maps/bases added to guerrilla mode, but i guess it might come later?

    Keep up the good work and keep them missions coming.
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    Do we have an hour for the update?
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    Posted by Ubi-Alien in the sub-forums.

    "Tomorrow, May 2nd, we will perform a maintenance on all platforms.

    The maintenance will start at 7:00 am UTC | 9:00 CEST | 3 am EDT, for a total downtime of 4 hours. The online functions of the game will not be available during this time.

    During the maintenance, we will implement the Operation Oracle update."
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    Thank you CrockfordCK
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    What's the update's size for PC version?
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    Originally Posted by Snumsmumrik_07 Go to original post
    What's the update's size for PC version?
    my steam just DLed 3.2 GB, so..
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    Uplay version - just under 20 GB's
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