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    Exiled Gamers Hub looking for members

    EGH is a small Community looking for Division 2 PVE/PVP/Raid members on PC.
    If you are looking for a mellow group to play with and dont want to be hurried by the requirements of a clan, come check us out. We are a mostly 24 and over community but will accept younger members if they are mature. 18 is the minimum age requirement as there can be mature conversation and humor.

    Again we are not a clan, we are a community. All of our players are at different stages of the game and we work together to ensure that nobody gets too far behind. We are a PVP/PVE community.

    !!!You must join and be active in our discord and not just the in-game

    In game clan
    Current Members: 14
    Current Clan LvL : 30

    If you would like to try us out join our discord and speak with a mod or leader.

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    Really good bunch of guys and fun to play with and a pleasure to find a friendly group of people as it makes a difference in a game where some social friendly help and advice goes a long way in my book.
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    it makes it easier for sure
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    3 Bosses completed we are doing well for our small community.
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    We are currently looking for new members so we can go raiding as a clan, so if your interestred then send me a message on here or on discord link is in first post.
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    We are also looking for members for PVE missions and just plain out grinding
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    I love this game and we are accepting new players also. We can help you lvl up, do raids, bounties, invaded missions and projects.
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    I was wanting to start taking Heroic missions seriously, anyone that wants to help is more than welcomed
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    Request to join community

    Hello I'm TheCRUSTYSmurf, im looking for a group of chill laid back sometimes competitive people to play the division 2 mostly raid possibly conflict. Farming etc. my discord is Gamer420#7805
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    pop into discord sometime and we can have a chat, we have people who do the raid at least once to twice a week.
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