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    View easily collectibles or clues you've gathered from locations

    It's kinda hard to pin-point where each collectible is located in the menu when pretty much everything seems to have been thrown in a huge list with apparently them getting sorted according to the order when the missions were completed.

    It would be nice to view each collectible you can gain from a location by hoving over to the location on the map, then by pressing a button, which takes you to the collectible's location in the menu.

    Also, each collectible should be under their own category

    For example, VIP profiles are categorized under Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and spesific Live Events.

    World Lore are categorized under each province where the collectibles were found.

    Stash clues should be categorized under each treasure hunt easter egg thing, for example, the ones belonging to the Tomb Raider easter egg should be catergorized under "Relics of the Ancients".

    Plus, you should be able to hide each category individually.
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    Thanks for you feedback and suggestion on this also. I will also forward this along with your feedback from your other thread, but please be aware we have a dedicated section on the forums for feedback and suggestions. I'll move these threads there for you, as this is where ideas are collated from.
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