Normally, for a few months during the summer, many of us are working hard to master a half dozen dances for the online Just Dance World Cup qualifications. However, Just Dance announced that there won't be online JDWC qualifications for 2020 (which would ordinarily have been this summer).

So what will we dance to?

Today, I was browsing through the Unlimited catalog, making a list of dances to do in the coming weeks. Then I remembered that the Unlimited catalog is missing several great dances from 2015, like Black Widow, Problem, Love Me Again, Get Low, What Does the Fox Say (also the Campfire version), the extreme version of Bad Romance, and more.

Maybe you could finally add some of these? It's odd that Unlimited includes almost the entire song list from 2016, 2017, and 2018, but not very many from 2015.

Is this an issue related to rights? Maybe in 2015 and earlier, there hadn't been a plan to create Unlimited and reuse songs in that. If it's a rights issue, could you make a Super Unlimited package? I don't know about others, but I wouldn't mind paying an additional fee (beyond the normal Unlimited pricing) to get these songs. Or I would buy them individually if they were available that way. (Unfortunately, JD 2015 doesn't work on my Xbox, neither the disc nor the download, and although tech support had great suggestions, I never got it to work. But if these dances were in Unlimited, I could enjoy them with Kinect.)

If not...

Maybe there can be more of the special tournaments that use a special playlist. Maybe these can be more frequent. A tournament every two weeks in the summer would match the usual JDWC schedule.

I also have a suggestion for future versions of Just Dance. If they include a World Dance Floor, if you may be looking for a new type of event to include regularly, maybe you could have World Battles. In a World Battle, you could first show a leaderboard for your own country after the song, and on the next leaderboard instead of showing players' individual names you could show the country and the score together, like Brazil 13,307, France 13247, Great Britain 13,187, etc.

Thank you for showing my old scores on Unlimited. I'm pretty sure those weren't showing when I first bought JD 2019, but I found them today. These are very helpful. For one, it makes it easier to find the new dances that I haven't done yet (since I have a score on everything from before JD 2019).