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    I have not been able to leave mentor lines open for more 37 minutes on my computer .( See my other posts on how to open Mentor lines ,without the game crashing) .This was a problem in CM 10 , in that version the maximum time , one could leave mentor lines on was 3 hours and 5 min. But unlike CM 10, in which the program informed you that Buffer overrun was detected , this version just says that the program has encountered a problem and needs to close.
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    Originally posted by ebutaljib:
    Why would you (or anybody else for that matter) need a program to ponder on the same position for more than 37 minutes?
    I know it doesn't sound right, but correspondence players, opening analysists, and engine testers need that kind of time occasionally.
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    Think we're missing the point here... with me, in some games, with mentor lines open, the game crashes within a minute. Not in all games, but in some... Haven't got a clue how to fix this, but it's very anoying.

    And by the way, it's not important why somebody 'needs the program to ponder on the same position for more than 37 minutes'. It's important that the game crashes. So diskamyl, stick to the issue at hand mate, and please don't troll the thread. Maybe something useful comes out of it...
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    I've just started getting the same error using CM10. Happens in Training Mode with Mentor turned on. Generally late in game. Pondering a position no longe than 1 or 2 minutes. Fairly new computer: Q6800 processer, 3 meg memory. No problems for several months. Now about 1 out of 3 games. Any advise, solutions?
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    Are any programs other than CM and Windows running on your system? You may find that it's a memory leak caused by a program running in the background on your system. See if running msconfig and disabling all processes in the 'startup' tab solves the problem. It might fix it, or it might give you more time - either way it's worth a try.
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    I generally test things through before posting... Only active program is CM when this happens. Is there maybe a way to put CM into 'debug' mode, to get a full test log?
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    Some users have reported that by entering this position :
    8/k7/3p4/p2P1p2/P2P1P2/8/8/K7/ w
    and configure a game where CM plays against himself causes a buffer overrun in some seconds.
    I've never been able to reproduce it on my PC running CM 10 with a french version, though.
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