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    Assassin's Creed : Unity Restricted Area Detection Time

    In ACU , there is legendary Sans-Culottes Coat in Chest category of equipment. In its modifiers , restricted area detection time is -130%, what its mean, the time for the " ! " which on top of enemy become fully red color or what ? I don't understand what is the meaning of restricted area detection time , especially "-"130%. PLEASE anyone can explain to me ?
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums, BrightessDark.

    I'd love to help you but I'm not sure I understand the question. Is it possible for you to clarify what you mean?

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    Thanks for replying me.

    In assassin's creed : unity , there is an equipment legendary Sans-Culottes Coat.This coat has modifier :restricted area detection time -130% .

    What is the meaning of restricted area detection time ?
    Is it the time for "!" sign of enemy to be fully red in restricted area?

    Then what is the meaning for -130%?
    Is it the time become 230% of normal time?

    For example ( just example ) :
    Usually time for "!" be fully red is 3 secs. While wearing legendary Sans-Culottes Coat , the time become 6.9 secs.
    It is correct in this way?
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    I would say you're pretty much correct on all of that.
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