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    Assassin's Creed ezio auditore pack: no templar lairs in AC 2

    Hello dear Ubisoft, can i please get my missing content (which i paid for) a.k.a the 3 templar lairs from assassin's creed 2 from ezio auditore pack please?

    P.S. : please don't tell me to make a case to ubisoft support as i have one already with all the possible proof and nothing changed (1 month old case, i think i waited long enough)
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    Same issue here and i don't think there is really anything the forums can do about it.

    i do suggest getting with ubisoft chat and let them you are still waiting using the same ticket.
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    The thing is Ubisoft support just dropped a bomb that they can't do anything about it. What the hell..
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    What platform?
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    PC. Ezio Auditore Pack

    I think the same thing goes on with Brotherhood too. No templar lairs
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    Well i just got in touch with them again and its basically waiting to hear back from the developers before getting a response back. Note this is support they can only go on what they and can suggested. They have no idea why the problem is occurring and can only pass it up the chain.
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