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    I'm gonna say this once, there seem's to be alot of people having a problem launching or having instability issue's running this game and also happen division 1 which wasn't something new. which pisses me off the most is they haven't improved much it appears from division 1 as far as improvements in stability in the game. cause the same things are happening. the engine is 1 of the worst when loading in/out most games dont take near as long to login/out which my god takes forever... and then ofcourse when u crash u don't even want to log back in cause Ur already aggravated and it takes forever to get back in
    Internet : Spectrum
    200 Mbps down and 20 Mbps Upload
    CPU Spec
    i-5 4670k 16gigs DDR3 a nvidia 980ti a 1TB Samsung 860 evo SSD and my Monitors are 2 Asus SWIFT 27in
    the Only games i play are World of Tanks, Counter-strike Global Offensive, and duel monitor Star Trek Online which i run these games ""Stable"" but When i play Division 2 i could play for 30 min and crash or it could be 4 hours and crash or maybe even not crash for 2 days then it happens. all that happens is it stutters for a moment then takes me to desktop saying oops u crashed would u like to send an error report. which i do, but never any feedback or anything ever changes. so what the hell do i do? i looked online . tryed everything possible to fix these dumb crashes but nothing has changed
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    Thank you for the response.

    Unfortunately, using -DX12 didn't help in any way. To be thorough I used -DX11 and nothing in the game launch arguments to make sure I covered all the bases. I have also forwarded the crash data to Ubisoft as well.

    What do I need to do to get a refund? This game is not providing any benefit to me in any way and it doesn't seem that a fix is upcoming either. I would like a refund.

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    always pay thru paypal they will issue the refund no questions asked. thats how I got my refund. after seeing how these devs say nothing in these posts at all but send us more info I got my cash back . I will never buy another ubisoft game either. just a bad experience thruout
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    After the last update, it became impossible to play, every 3-5 minutes in the game, hang for 5 seconds and the game closes without displaying any error. I have not been able to play the game for 5 days already. And why should the players themselves correct the mistakes themselves? Developed all departures began after the last update. You either correct what they have done, or return the money paid for the game. At the moment the game is unplayable. Do you even when you put the updates yourself check them for operability or are you so lucky, you are unlucky? Yes, so once again bought something from Yubisoft. Very disappointed in you.
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    Hey Vdyleyko,

    Has this only been since the last update for you? Were you experiencing issues before that?

    Have you made a support ticket on our website with your MSinfo and DxDiag attached?
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    That's right, the permanent departures began precisely after the last update. I used to play 3-4 hours a day and not a single departure. And now it is stable for 3-5 minutes in the game and crash without displaying any errors.
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    I have never seen so many problems with any game i have ever bought. and ubisoft has made me less confident in how they fix it . I dont think they are capable tbh. I mean just look at all the crap wrong with this gam e. and not one word really from the devs here on any actual fixes just send more info and reformat to play a single game. Its sad this si were we are in the state of gaming. I mean fix your garbaghe or get out of the business. you wont tho cause they are pushing a newer game now even when this one has so many issues. I cant imagine what the next game will be like . some folks ahve not even been ablwe to get in the game 3 months after launch . I mean ubisoft fix yoru game
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    Yubisoft how long are you going to fix the game from constant departures? You already have a lot of people writing that the problems started because of the last update. Let's get the game started. Time runs. If I do not do the last fortification this week, then I will have to wait another 2 weeks to get the last fragment for the exotic, and then I’ll send you far away and I will buy something from you later. Roll back the latest update. What are you thinking?
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    Originally Posted by Vdyleyko Go to original post
    Roll back the latest update. What are you thinking?
    This issue started with one of the very first patches (apr 5th) for many people.No way they'll roll anything back.

    This is the new normal. If I could get my credit card company to give my money back I would.
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    calm down, please.
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