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    ill bet your game is runnign fine right?
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    Reduce your ram down to 16 GB and see if that helps. Had a friend that did that and it helped.
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    I am also crash in few min every time since 1.7
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    It's much worse now after latest patch (title update 3). Simply unplayable.
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    Today in Uplay, in Division 2, something was set at 6 gigabytes. What exactly was installed? And yes, this did not solve the problem with departures. What's happening? Why did it take off just after the last update? When will you have the game fixed? May already be enough to break the game, until you finally broke it.
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    Originally Posted by hdokumaci Go to original post
    +++ Reduce your ram down to 16 GB +++
    did you know the last post was from 7 months ago, think he has either got a refund or the game to work
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    calm down, please.
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