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    Maintenance - May 9nd, 2019 [COMPLETE]

    Greetings Agents,

    The servers will shut down for a scheduled maintenance Thursday, May 9th at 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 00:30 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 2 hours.

    Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses.

    Thank you,
    The Division 2 Team
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    Patch Notes?

    Any patch notes for the last patch and this one? Would really appreciate the console’s getting a little love. The PTS is killing the game. I get it’s fixing it in the long term but the community’s been split in two. All the PC players get new content. Even if it’s players trying to fix stuff you still get to play “NEW” content. Everyone else is just stuck in this loop of not getting content until a month after PC players, really hurts when I would like to play the new content, not just to watch videos on PTS players having all the fun. Cheers
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    What was the point of us buying the Season 1 pass? I feel like it was a scam for us on Console.
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    Originally Posted by SavageSaint80 Go to original post
    What was the point of us buying the Season 1 pass? I feel like it was a scam for us on Console.
    Ppl still buy season passes for games now a days? Not being rude but ur basically paying for something that u havnt seen and have no idea if u will even want it all in the hope of saving a few bucks.
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    may 9nd... nice england
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    you accidently wrote May 9nd, 2019
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    Why even play Division 2 anymore

    Why should we even play Division 2 at all anymore... Why spend time in a game and doing things like commendations when everthing we waste your time on changes all the time and just become useless. Have about 360 hours in the game and it's just keeping getting worse for every single patch they make.

    Feels like Destiny 2 soon and everything that was good in Division 1 is total gone. Division 2 is back to the place when most players left the first Division game. Great work Massive.

    Maybe next time you should hire good YouTubers and real players instead when you develop the game to get it right from the start.

    This is just pathetic attempt to get things right and the "Division 2" ship is taken in water on the way to the bottom of the sea. Take it back to scratch and make it right instead. Seems like Massive haven't learned a **** from the failure period of the first Division game and other games like Destiny, Anthem etc.
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    For the few new players arriving (ps4) tier 2-4 is mainly dead. I leveled up a new character (don't ask why) I waited a long time for matchmaker. Most missions I did solo but it's boring and I turn off the game after 1 or 2 missions. Even all the guys who are "done" with everything, there is nothing else to do. Farming exotics? Hoping for a drop? Farming gear which will be outdated once the new patch hits? When? We don't get a time frame.
    Massive and ubisoft. Get your **** together. Learn and adapt ASAP! You're loosing players. You are about to loose the second game in a row to the depth of the sea. You sold only so much because you had more to offer than anthem in the beginning.

    PS: Server maintenance twice in a week. Good job...
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    Giving up on Division 2

    I too agree with the previous posts. I feel this game is dying as there is no more "achievements" to do anymore.
    Pointless trying to get awesome weapon builds, first being that the building concept is too convoluted, secondly the whole grinding part is VERY TIME CONSUMING especially
    when builds are forever changing/being nerfed. For people that work doing the 9-5 and only get to play 2hrs a day if that you have a chance of 1 in 1,000 to get anything decent.

    Understandably looting will change with the update, but the whole point of grinding is for what now? Repetition of capturing control points, no-fun bounties, backstabbing Dark Zones. At least prior to world tier 2, the game was interesting to play, had some sense of "mission/purpose".

    Borderlands i admit is better when it comes to bosses and "rare weapon" drops. Division 2 should try to adopt a better reward/challenge system.
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    Season pass SCAM

    Explain why I bought a season pass for PS4 if only pc users are benefiting from it?
    Be ware
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