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    NGD: Sterling STV60

    I bought a Sterling STV60 a few months ago. These retail for $600 to $650, and I found one on Reverb for $530 -- still over the group limit, so I didn't say anything. After the indie music store in NJ shipped me the wrong guitar, the right one arrived and was simply unplayable -- it should never have been sold, and if the store had done a setup, they'd have realized the neck hump and fret installation issues were serious (They claimed it'd just been on the wall for a year, so by their own account, it was "that way from the factory" and "we've never had any problems.") Their return window was 7 days, which I wasted giving them and the guitar the benefit of the doubt -- "it probably needs a setup." They agreed it probably did but never offered to take it back. Ultimately they gave me a partial refund, which I then spent on the setup attempt.

    After a month with a pro tech, no dice. He described the frets "rougher than a night in a Tijuana jail" and said in 20 years he'd never seen anything so completely off. I paid almost all the money I'd saved on this setup/salvage attempt before I finally just invoked the manufacturer's warranty directly, after asking the retailer to contact them didn't work out ("so our rep said maybe you got a dud" but no offer to arrange an exchange).

    By contrast, Sterling was very polite and professional and sent me a new guitar quickly after confirming receipt of the faulty one. It's pristine and matches the quality of the one I played a year ago in person in a major chain store. It actually came set up, which I don't expect (even if it comes directly from the factory!).

    I bought this in February and this took more than two months to resolve the situation. I am grateful for a happy ending here at the end of the journey, mind you, but...it does color one's perception of "a bargain."

    So...I feel like I got a deal, but I also got an ordeal!

    More pix here:
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    I'm glad to hear you finally got this resolved.
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    Hey Dan - I have the same guitar. How are you liking the pickup options? I think that is a pretty interesting feature of this guitar. I like the setting where it is just the outside pickups.
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