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    Anno 2070 Complete Edition - DLCs not present?

    Hello you all!

    I was wondering if any of you are experiencing the same issue as I:

    Some time ago I bought the Anno 2070 Complete Edition because of all the included DLC, like Nordamark etc. Now I found out that I have none of them. Only the Deep Space Add On is present but not any other DLC as being advertised on the store page. No new buildings, like the Lighthouse, nothing. I looked everywhere, even played a continuous game and leveled up to Executives and so on, but still no extra DLC buildings or skins.

    Any of you experiencing the same or do you have the DLC?

    I already contacted Ubisoft support but they seem kind of busy these days...


    Best regards!

    Edit: I own the UPlay version, not the Steam version.
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    I solved this myself.

    For future visitors looking for the same answer:you have to enter the serial key yourself which is showed when you select your game.

    1. in Ubisoft Connect click Anno 2070 Complete Edition
    2. Under the play button you see show key. Click it.
    3. Click Copy and start Anno 2070.
    4. In the main screen, click Downloadable Content.
    5.On the bottom right press Enter Code (or something simular)
    6. Paste your code from step 2.
    7. You get tons of messsages for every DLC!

    Have fun and feel free to contact me if you want to play sometime.

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