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    Inside Job mission bug

    Trying to begin Inside Job mission in Farcry New Dawn, but game will not allow me to get into the back of Irwin's truck.
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    Hi Foxdengrim,

    I am sorry to hear you cannot get back into Irwin's truck to play Inside Job. Could you please provide us with a video of this so we can pass it along to the Far Cry team?

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    Hi, today the same bug happened with me, here is the video

    I also faced another bug with Gina Guerra, when she hits 15+ kill she gets unlimited ammo, that's mean she doesn't reload.
    But what happened with me is she hit 15+ kills and started not reloading but after a while, the game crashes, and now she reloads as she didn't hit that skill, and now she is 40+ kills and I don't see she uses explosive ammo either.
    PS: I'm on PC
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    Hey iSafa,

    I responded to you on your own thread about that bug, I will keep the discussion there so it isn't split betwen 2 threads.
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