Vinadry GP922 is not just a clothes drying product. That's right, the uses of this model are much more than that.

Vinadry GP922 can be a beautiful space decoration product

Not yet to mention the main function of drying clothes, Vinadry GP922 scaffold can turn itself into a super luxurious exterior decoration accessory for families.

This idea has been used by many families, especially families with luxurious drying space such as villas or drying yards of houses and apartments.

Very beautiful, ultra-luxurious drying design. The set of winches is decorated with embossed patterns that are extremely symmetrical. 2 drying bars of drying racks are made available with evenly spaced holes with decorative patterns.

It is easy to see, all the space for installing drying rigs is quickly increasing dramatically.

Is a product drying clothes can not be more perfect

In addition to "side effects" is a space decoration product, Vinadry GP922 is a true clothes racks, which cannot be more perfect.

The ability of drying clothes to reach 60kg, the number of holes made available is 80 holes on 2 drying bars. Therefore, this model is considered to be extremely good for drying clothes for families.