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    The Fractured But Whole - The Talk 2: Gendering

    I got this game for XBOX ONE & the DLC to go with it, but I’ve hit a road block! I completed ‘The Talk 2: Gendering’ & defeated the rednecks. Cartman did not call me back to the base to get the third class. I went back there anyways, changed through all of the classes, but it still doesn’t trigger him. I replayed the Talk 2 w/ Mr. Mackey & went back & still nothing. I read that going to the senior’s home on the way back from Token’s place may trigger the next part of the story, but nothing there either. And yes, I did the quest for Mrs. Cartman. I have completed all main quests & there are no more side quests left to start. I can only complete the side quests I have left by progressing. From all the threads I have read, I could not find anything about getting the next part of the plot to trigger. I can’t play the DLC’s without progressing either. How do I trigger the next part of the story? Help!
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    Hi, same problem for me. After completing Talk 2: The Gendering there are no new missions for me. Cartman didn´t call me to star another main mission. They know about this problem for 2 years..this is just unacceptable.
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