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    Delivery Request Progress not registering

    I am going for 100% completion and I have done 100% but the DNA progress says I still have 99% completion because my Delivery Requests are stuck at 66%. I absolutely know for a fact that I have done 8 deliveries with the correct items but it wouldn’t register the last few deliveries, somehow leaving me with the requested goods(toy dolls, bread, soap, venison, etc.) in my Accounting Book Stockpile. I have also gone to the effort of rechecking the Recipients’ locations but they weren’t there anymore in person nor map icon because I had done all the deliveries. I don’t know what to do, especially since I don’t prefer restarting the game.
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    Hi Kenji_KX! Are you able to provide any screenshots from your map and from the progression?
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    Got photos

    DNA Tracker

    DNA Zoomed

    Frontier Map

    Boston Map

    New York Map

    Could not use any other method than using the iPhone camera, apologies for the quality
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    Awwwww they don't work for me
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    nvm just don't copy the [IMG] [/IMG] parts and it'll work
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