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    Bow missing.

    My bow is missing from Connor, the quiver still shows but with no arrows, even though my inventory says I have 8.
    I cannot use my bow at all.
    I have looked in the Amory in the manor to see if I could equip it again, i have also tried changing outfits and replying old missions to no avail.
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    Hi Paulk706! Can you provide screenshots from in-game?
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    Hi, I have the same problem.

    I lost the bow when i picked up a 2 hand axe on the ground. And now, I can't use the bow even if I threw away the axe.
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    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this. I can confirm it is a known issue and has been reported to the dev team who are investigating.

    Could you please provide a copy of your save files. To provide these please submit a support ticket and attach a copy of your save files. For information on how to obtain your save files click here.

    Once you have created a support ticket can you reply in this thread with your ticket reference number.

    I can then pass this onto the dev team.
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    I created the case n° 08843272

    Thank you for your help
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