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    adding additional stuff to the store my suggestion

    Hello, i wanted to make this next suggestion and i know some will say Rising should be different and i agree but, adding some things from Fusion and Evo such as Rims from Fusion or the outfits as well and the Squirrel from evo and some outfits will be both good in terms of look and it will be nostalgic as well in my opinion.

    this is only my view on some stuff on rising that i would like to see because it feels like only the Dapper outfit was added but i think more of the things on Fusion for example needs to be added because they were great outfits in my opinion and it would look cool on Rising because for me Rising is a combination of Fusion and Evo.

    This is only my suggestion, because some of the stuff on the store are boring for me personaly and they don't work so well together each time i tried to mix some items, only when the outfits comes both in pants and shirt or even with a jacket as well then the outfits looks fine on the rider.

    This is only my point of view guys don't get angry lol.
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    Hey there @Fourtess!
    Welcome to the forums

    I assure you, no one will get angry at your idea, I'm glad you shared it with us!
    I'm anxious to see how everyone else feels about your suggestion.

    - Scottie
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    A good idea if you ask me. Those that are not interested in these things it shouldn't effect anyway they can just choose not to use them. A trials hd outfit thread was made but I'm not sure if it's been added to the game yet or not, would definitely be cool to have these kind of options in rising.
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