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    parts recalibration is WAY to expencive !!!

    it kosts WAY to much Bucks for being just a lottery
    the other price (scrap parts) is ok

    but i spend 70+ MLN (!!!) Bucks on maximising the perks for just the topspec vehicles for each klass
    i'm broke now and still haven't done al the vehicles i want to

    and than could ya make it possible to change the gold part itself? like from NOS to followers magnet etc
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    Originally Posted by Lunytrickz Go to original post
    make it possible to change the gold part itself? like from NOS to followers magnet etc

    I really do not see the point in spending like crazy, if you can not even change the type of gold part to complete your set.

    But thanks for making an option to do something with obsolete parts
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    70+ MLN (!!!) is waaaaaaaayyyyy to much
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    Indeed It's ridiculously expensive, agre with Luny on both suggestions.
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    Good? Looks like you have a reason to keep playing then.
    Also you realize you don't have to keep rerolling the same part after it maxes the cost, right? Just get a new one.
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    How in the world you spent 70 mils on recalibrating parts? I spent around 100k to get almost perfect setup. HOW?
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    I agree too...

    They should really rename this game too "the grind" since this
    is getting crazy, seems like most if the time it depends on heavy grinding
    mixed with a heap of luck in getting what you want.

    Not to mention the amount of parts i already scrapped because you can only hold so many.
    for me personally i'm pretty much done with this and only now and then i play this cruising
    with my mates.

    The time it took me to get a single full set of gold parts was what killed it for me.
    And it isnt even a good set, so i won't even bother trying to get a maxed out set since i simply
    don't have the time or will to grind myself to oblivion for it.

    the grind or the screwed would be a much better name for this in my opinion.

    Headlights that don't work well, mirrors that do show the road (alltho fuzzy) and the shadow of what is driving behind you but not the actual cars,
    weather that is just ... and the whole lighting system is just ...

    For me personally this game is a huge fail and the ONLY thing it has going for it is the big map...

    (rant off)
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    I disagree. The cost is right. This is endgame feature and is already a very good shortcut to getting perfect parts.
    Its not supposed to just give you everything you want for every vehicle you have.

    I've only used it for 4 vehicles so far and spent only 1 million to get what I want. Maybe a lot of time spent in diablo 3 (with very similar loot and reroll mechanics) helped me lol.
    Start with good parts (at least 1 affix you want), dont try to reroll parts with 2 garbage affixes into perfections.
    Learn to let go, dont keep rerolling the same part over and over, starting with good parts helps reducing the need to do so.
    If you got a part with +7.5 to something while max is 8 dont reroll it to improve untill you get affixes you want on all other parts. Only after you've done with other parts and have extra money consider spending more on that +0.5 improvement.
    Basically always weigh potential imrovement vs cost instead of mindlessly rerolling parts like a casino addict.
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    I don't mind if it is expensive. The thing I'm bothered about most is that it is all RNG.
    When do you go to a professional tuner, give them money, and just pray for the upgrade you want? You don't. Before buying something you know which improvement you'll get.
    Maybe they can give you an estimated range of improvement, but they will always improve on it. Since Ubisoft isn't going to give up on their crappy RNG I'm in for a system where you can upgrade a part with - for instance - 1% to 2.5%. If you're unlucky you might have to spend more since you're upgrading with 1% at a time, but in the end there's always a max amount it could cost you, and you're not wasting millions on to get a percentage that might never even appear.
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    Like others said before I would like to see also the possibility to change the gold bonus perk (fame magnet, nitro chemist, loot hunter, etc)
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