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    mouse and keyboard not working ...

    ok i try to search but i didn<t find any information...
    went i open Assasin creed origin my mouse stay in the middle and blinking and i can only do f4 to leave ...
    YES I Disable :
    -Origin overlay
    -ubisoft overlay
    -dicord overlay
    yes i Close :
    - steam
    - Origin
    - Discord
    -epic game

    I unistall :
    Gamecube Controller driver

    so i dont know what next to do !
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    Hi Kakmu_TTV,

    I'm moving this to our Community Support area to see if anyone there can help.

    Additionally, I'd suggest submitting a support request.

    Hope that helps get this working!
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    thanks bud !
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    Hello, Kakmu_TTV!

    I am sorry about this mouse issue. Is it still occurring for you? If so, please update the case your created with our team, so that they can provide further assistance. I would try these steps and update the team with the results. Does the issue happen on any mouse or just a specific mouse? Please ensure your mouse drivers are up to date if it is a specific mouse and please try starting Uplay in administrator mode to see if the problem remains.
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