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    Unwanted Espionage quest is broken

    There are no targets as described by quest giver around my harbor. Google says it is not just me. Please fix, Ubi.
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    Hello Chevmech,

    Welcome to the forums! Thanks for reporting this to us. I am going to move this to the Support forums, so our team can investigate.
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    cool support, no reply in 4 months. nd no fix too.

    Thanks for working soooo hrd on the bugs. Surprisingly no fix of broken quest and even no comment from your side.
    Tht's exactly wht the gme community is looking for.
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    Bumping this post in the hope of some sort of useful reply.
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    Turns out it was on a trade route ship. Guess it was in sector transit the first times I looked for it
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    The people were on the ship?
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