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    AC UNITY "Peace of Eden" Club Challenge and "Know-it-all" trophy won't unlock

    I completed Dead Kings DLC, even 100%'ed it and Peace of Eden Challence just doesn' t get marked as completed. It's worth 400xp.
    And this in game achievement "Know-it-all" which requires to complete all the training missions won't unlock even though I did complete them all.
    I quickly google searched about both and seems like it has been this way since 2015 and never fixed. What a disappointment.
    Are there any known workarounds to trigger them to unlock?
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    I'm having the same issue, though the training achievement I got it, and all the achievements except the classic challenge that gives 400xp "Peace of Eden" for completing the dlc dead kings, even though I completed it and got the achievement but not the classic challenge.... probably will retry the last mission again idk.. this is lame..

    Ok I can't find the button to edit my previous post, but I retried the memory rushed, watched the credits fast forwarding them, yet it still didn't grant me the challenge, it took a little while, I was about to write a support ticket to ubisoft, but reloaded the page on my phone it got erased, meanwhile opened my browser to redo-it and went to check the challenge again and finally it unlocked! Great, moving on to 100% Syndicate now!!!
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    If you do run into this issue, I recommend reinstalling the game and, if on PC, ensure that Uplay is up to date. if the Club Challenge still doesn't pop, head over to Ubisoft Support for additional assistance.
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