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    Can't play some beginner/easy tracks anymore

    In my game, I am seemingly not able to play some beginner and easy tracks anymore. These tracks have grey skull icons and I don't get the option to play them (no 'play track' option). There are some medium tracks that also have this grey skull, but I am able to play those.

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    I don't think i've seen this bug before.. have you tried verifying the game files or reintalling the game?
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    Verifying the game files and reinstalling the game did not fix the issue. However, I did notice that some of the stadium trials did not have any flags in the icon. Appearently the game thinks that I did not complete those yet (you can even see it in the image I uploaded). I thought that maybe replaying those stadium trials would fix the issue, but sadly it did not. But the problem might still be related to stadium trial progression.
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    The game also thought I did not complete some of the university of trials tracks. I replayed these aswell and that has fixed the issue! I can replay these tracks again and the world map now properly shows my medals instead of those grey skulls.
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    Thanks for the update DennisvanHest!
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