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    Interactive proof of concept / prototype I made for a better Skill Mod experience


    I am a 30-year old Frontend Developer / UI Engineer and I enjoy The Division 2 a lot.
    But still, I think that for me, the biggest pain point is the Skill Mod system.

    The system isn't fun for me, because I feel like I am wasting Skill Power. Even if I use the right Skill Mods, there is always an excess amount which doesn't feed into my abilities. And I know there are people suggesting that Skills should scale with Skill Power directly, but I think that this would make Skill Mods kinda useless. Farming for Skill Mods should be fun and interesting.

    This is why I think Skill Mods should scale with Skill Power, and why I made this proof of concept website (took me about 2-3 hours):

    You can play around with different player skill power levels, and see the impact on Skill Mods.

    Main takeaways from the PoC / prototype:

    * No skill power requirements
    * Skill mods have a base value, and a bonus value which scales with Skill Power
    * Some mods can have high base values, but low scaling
    * Some mods can have high scaling, but low base values
    * Different scaling for different Mod rarities

    I am hoping this is a good compromise, and fairly easy to implement.

    Let me know what you think.

    PS: I posted this idea on Reddit, and I was told I should post this here too:
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    I like your concept here. Skill mods seem worthless unless you go for complete skill based build...which I’m not sure is possible as I haven’t tried it (nor researched it yet). On my current build, I have a little over 1400 skill power, and I have bunch of skills mods I can’t use for my two skills because of the high requirements. Having said that, when I need printer filaments, anything requiring over 1500 skill power gets deconstructed.
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    Massive / UBI pay attention. This is a better way then all the crud you have been doing with them. We need to get rid of all the extra mods. You just keep piling on more unnecessary stuff.
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    Amazing job
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    This is a great solution.
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    Absolutely love this idea, Massive needs to see this!
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    Someone give this man a Dev position! This is HOW SKILL MODs SHOULD WORK!
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    Now if only anyone from the clueless dev team actually looked for suggestions on, you know, the SUGGESTIONS FORUMS.
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