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    Faults no longer mean anything in Private Multiplayer

    Hey Ubisoft & Community,

    I was wondering why Ubisoft/redlynx decided to get rid of the fusion point system for best time vs lowest amount of faults. As it is faults in private MP get counted on screen while the race is going on but have ZERO impact on the points earned by the racers.

    1st gets 10 points no matter how many faults
    2nd gets 8 and counting down from
    5th:4 etc..

    It's annoying to see racers pass a checkpoint high up in the air just to reset to it immediatley just because it's easier to start from the cp instead of going with 1 single attempt. I thought Trials always was about finding that perfect route in a map without resetting. At the moment this is non existent in private MP, because faults&resets don't give any negative side effects such as time malus or reduced points compared to a player with less faults. It just doesn't feel like a race if all you have to do is resetting to cp's over and over.(it's not useful on all maps I know, but still)

    Also: Players who don't finish the race at all still get rewarded points... what. Why? So basically players did not even bother playing the last map if they had a small 10 point lead, depending on the playercount they would still get 2-3 points if they "finish" the race last so the 2nd in list cannot close the gap with the 10 point win...

    Can you please at least give the option that faults somehow count in any form? If not why even bother counting them while the race is going on?
    A win with 15 faults should not be worth as much as a win with 0 faults on the same map imo, that's not what Trials is about.
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    The lack of effort and thought they've put into multiplayer from the ground up is pretty shocking.

    Such basic things...
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    Glad to see there's an onine petition going on for this too, thought I was the only one feeling that way. Almost 9000 People already signed..
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