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    forgot to mention that the 'Mozzie' plants a jammer onto the ship it attaches to then flies off. the jammer disables the flight and gun mechanisms of the vehicle, causing it to drop to the ground.
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    The ship at the 29-30 second mark almost reminds of The Wolfen from Starfox, which is awesome!
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    Hope there will be coop flying so i could pilot and my friend could use guns
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    Originally Posted by VintageBMX Go to original post
    Hope there will be coop flying so i could pilot and my friend could use guns
    Nope I don't think so. I don't think there would be two-person ships; co-op means we'll fly with other pilots and everyone will have his/her own ship.

    I played a simple spaceship space pirates game called pirate galaxy for five years; we had single-seater ship we drive and we shoot by ourself.

    It is really cool to play co-op with other pilots; i belive every sci-fi space devotee gamer need a game like BGE2, third person gameplay using spaceship.
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    my favorite ship

    this is my favorite spaceship customization

    large wings
    big engine at back
    torpedo tubes
    rounded machine guns in wings
    missile launchers on both sides
    main laser weapon in the nose
    radar on the top
    shield generator
    tripod landing gears

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    WWII influence?

    The fighters look to be heavily influenced from WWII fighters. The edgy, mean and fast!! Very cool and highly inspiring!! F4U Corsair scooped wing design!
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