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    I just joined Ubisoft and found this.....

    Yeah so I'm an old guy lets just say in the 4th decade some where and i just found this game, all i can say is FOOK YEAH this is my kind of game. i can NOT tell you how excited i am to play it. please if there is anything i can do to help i would hop in and even pay you to be a part of it. this looks absolutely awesome.....

    Sincerely yours

    Bill Kelsey
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    Anything goes

    I'm so looking forward to playing this game. My ship would be solid, matte black. Maybe with a Cylon Raider-type light on it somwhere. I'd like it if I could have control over lots of properties when designing: colour, shine, stickers, lights, shapes. And if the chosen wing designs would affect flight properties. Also, in the video I saw a big trail of smoke, would be awesome for gameplay / combat if your ship would get damage from flying through such debris, from the bits falling off your opponents ship.It would make it really interesting to aim for your opponent while having to dodge the trail!
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    Looks great so far!

    Customization looks great so far, I'm big on being able to customize your character/items/weapons/ships in video games as it makes it feel more your own. I'm excited to see more!
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    Ship Ideas

    Ok. Keeping with an Ubisoft theme, how about....

    The Dagger of Time: Powder blue with gold trim/accents. Small and agile. Low defense but engine systems are enhanced by genetically modified time sand granules that allow low level time manipulation capabilities that could provide an advantage during dogfights. Ie. "Blinking" (extremely short distance warp/teleport) or "Quantum Crawl" (slowing down enemy ships that have been locked onto through your targeting reticule.)


    The Ezio: Light gray with dark gray trim and red accents. Advanced cloaking capabilities (of course) and a "Freefall" move that does additional damage when attacking from above. (Top side thrusters accelerate descent and a consolidated gun battery along bottom of ship.)

    These are just for fun of course, but what else can we come up with?

    The "Splinter Cell"?

    The "Globox"?
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    In your video games & in System 3

    Fighters of a System 3 Space Pirate

    Hello fellow Space Monkeys,

    True Ubisoft fans know that Ubisoft does their best to turn something old into something newly experienced. I'm all for it and for everyone that wants to see Beyond Good & Evil in a new perspective! Respect to those that still wish for the old way, yet Ubisoft is a new era for all buckled in for BGE2. As for the fighter or mothership of a System 3 pilot, let us breakdown how nice a further customization would be:

    In the concept of fighters in parts, equipment, augments, and versatility:
    A Space Monkey cannot be any stronger of a captain to fight a cause without a reliable... or insane.. stellar vehicle that screams SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN! To some degree, besides being able to walk around inside motherships, I hope to somewhat be able to explore/interact in certain fighter/transport/smaller ships. All dependent on the parts used to create or craft a fighter. The first thing that should be with every fighter that I already noticed from the teaser was a fighter in parts that can be individually changed and colored. The parts can be upgraded to be stronger, and can be textured on the surface with different colors, we should be able to draw the colors on by hand other than filling in the colors. The windshields should be interchangeable with different colors, textures, and durability. The parts can be categorized in lighter, medium, and heavier types, affecting mobility, hit-points of each part, resistance, and augment or equipment that can go on each part. In hull types, there should be at least 3-5 types of hulls with different resistances, and 3-5 different types of shields that help protect additionally from different weapons or augments based on what type was chosen. Perhaps there will not be any shields due to unstable equipment on-board that gives other cutting-edges in battle.. or perhaps that is just for a no-shield game-mode. One ship could have extremely high shield but low hit-points and vise-versa. Captains could choose a hull that is weak in one resistance but choose a shield that helps strengthen it, but one will not be strong to every type of damage encountered in the air or even land. Some weapon types will ignore shield or partially penetrate, others will penetrate through certain and specific resistances. Weapons on a Space Monkey's fighter should come in a variety of colors and particle affects based on the type of weapon. A Space Money could have large but slow heavy weapons, with a long charge-up beams that obliterate shields or almost put holes into motherships. In fighters for a Space Monkey captain and its crew, their should be smaller and larger weapons of all sizes. Augments should be included in fighters, allowing special abilities like agility, cloaking, teleportation, massive conductivity of lightning, regeneration, modification of weapons on-board, and more. Defensive augments that reduce fire taken, missiles taken, specific resistances can be increased by an augment for a limited time or passively. Some augments could include environmental protection/temporary protection against severe storms. Breaking down to equipment on a fighter, a Space Monkey can discuss about the engine type, the thrusters, the shield generator, the energy stabilizer as using abilities takes energy/power consumption, power/energy capacitor that affects power/energy capacity, the computer/AI system of the ship, targeting sensors/trackers, and more. In a space traveling vehicle that can travel at some degree of speeds into System 3, there will be a core, a main source of energy that is volatile, powerful, and probably made of Diwalite.

    In the concept of motherships that can be rearranged in layout inside and out physically, as well as its own arsenal:
    Similar to a fighter, a Space Monkey pirate captain cannot be without a mothership that can handle augments, huge weapons of different sizes, different hull types, different shield types, affecting the mobility and overall performance of a grand mothership. Motherships, in the beginning of the game, like in the E3 presentation, were unbeatable by a new crew. We should work from this concept, to base the augments, hull type, and shield type, that will determine if basic weapons or a lack of augments and equipment can even damage a specific mothership. In co-op, whether or not that ends up being 2 or more players with live events/achievements, enemy ships and enemies get stronger when more players or party members are present. A mothership, can be beatable early-game depending on what equipment an NPC or even friendly co-player has on-board. The variety of equipment in the previous concept should give both strengths and weaknesses to both fighters and motherships. The true comparison would be the humongous difference in scale. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.. literally... into System 3 ground, cities, and so on. Some of this equipment, crafting, and creating of motherships or fighter parts should have a period of time to occur in real-time, as should all crafting as does the world regenerate its resources and life in real-time. For a Space Monkey mothership, some will come in extremely large sizes, flashy and lustrous, others will come in smaller sizes, medium sizes, and still have the firepower of over twenty-decks of broadsides to kick butt. The parts that a Space Monkey chooses, finds, unlocks, crafts, however that is approached, will determine the actual size/weight of a fighter or mothership in total. A Space Monkey pirate captain of a mothership should be able to rearrange where each room of a mothership is for convenience and unique to the individual, it will additionally change the outlook of the mothership outside as well as be able to decorate both. Same traits as a fighter, the textures can change, the color can change, and the color can be filled in or drawn by hand. If the Space Monkey pirate chooses to do so, one can change the colors inside, of each room, by hand or by filling parts of a mothership. Obviously traveling by fighter is slower when it comes to interplanetary or intergalactic travel as motherships have portal-jump accelerators and a larger core of energy than a fighter. Once a mothership gets to the destination... depending on the parts there could be a smaller but more agile and swift mothership. Repairing and crafting a mothership will be more expensive and require more materials than a fighter, in real-time, repairs should be required to all individual parts of a ship overtime. All things that are used get weary, or perhaps an augment prevents wear and tear or eases the process. Motherships are also probably made and powered of the greed-infested Diwalite.

    In the concept of NPCs upgrading or downgrading their fighters,motherships, and on a random-basis in real-time:
    With all the previous concepts before, NPCs cannot be left out from all this firepower, given that System 3 has Diwalite fever. The hull types and various ship concepts should give the player plenty to take scans and photography. If a Space Monkey scanner is upgraded and powerful enough to handle the energy. Not only does NPCs change and upgrade or downgrade ships in real-time, System 3 itself does, and markets carry this variety as well as the open-world with loot that NPCs might find before a Space Monkey pirate. I suppose some NPCs would be smarter than others and rather upgrade their ship more often than downgrade in real-time. Trade-offs that are better for a ship type rather than worse. Perhaps a NPC lost a fight earlier from a Space Monkey and wanted revenge in real-time and attempted to swap for better parts that could help turn the tides.

    Overall, a in-depth level-editor to add or change contributions to the game in the end would be much appreciated, to spend countless hours breaking down what causes a unique experience in such a large-scale and real-time world. Ubisoft, if we do not like something in this new perspective, please give us a way to edit it with ease in-between updates, like a concept in my BGE2: A Space Monkey's Experience thread. We might even be able to contribute after the game is released through a in-depth level-editor. Let us add planets, let us add anything from heart to heart. Let us put your engine to the test and its limits!

    All of us have made wonderful suggestions in the community. Let us continue to be creative to inspire our developers and content makers.
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    I just wanted to start off by saying that what you guys got going right now is truly amazing and the skins and designs so far look great. However, I'm guessing this has to do with the fact that the game is still a work in progress, but it would be nice if the models looked less plastic-like, so in other words if they could look more worn out

    In addition, it would be great if there existed some kind of workshop, which enables the community to create their own costume skins which could then be voted for or selected by the devs to be implemented into the game. Overall what you guys have shown is really cool and just keep the videos coming
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    I would love a "hot rod" inspired model or maybe a somwthing with a bit of digital camo.
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    Since we're going with the whole animal theme throughout the game I think it would be fun to have vehicles modeled after, but not limited to, the animals in the Chinese zodiac depending on the type of vehicle
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    sounds cool, but I would have neon yellow, green and black for a radioactive themed ship
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    cool space fighter ideas!!

    I was thinking and came up with these -

    The 'Mozzie'. a ship with low damage, and defense, but is fast and has some sort of mechanism that allows it to attach to enemy ships - harpoon gun? grabbing legs?? both??. weaponry -

    The 'shark'. a well-balanced ship with medium speed, defense, and damage, but with some sort of homing missile launcher on the front. if the missile hits the target, you should be able to detect where the ship is even if it's behind a building or behind you by having its distance and a marker on your screen where it is at all times.

    A ship that could use some kind of electromagnetic shield would be cool, so as long as the shields up, it's invincible from homing missiles and lasers.

    A ship that could use some sort of contained antigravity blast as a mean of pushing away enemy ships or an all-around laser blast would be pretty cool.

    how about a space pirate bomber, that has homing missiles, and a device at the bottom of the ship that can create a laser 'bubble' of some sort that gradually gets bigger until it's mass causes it to drop to the ground, doing super heavy damage.
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