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    I really like the fighters with the engines under the wings (the first one we see on the video and those at 0:20), they look more like a real ship for me unlike most of the other fighters which looks too much like some little annoying insects ^^"' especially those with the long "Energy" module (if I refer to the demo walkthrough video). So my fighter will look like one of those with the 2 engines under the wings, eventually with my favorite combo colour which is black and cyan (with some white or yellow on some parts) and the logo will probably be a skull with a native feather hat (like bellow), because I really like the native americans philosophy and I hope there will be some of their representations

    Nevertheless, you got me hyped once again thanks to your video, I can't wait to be at the E3 for more informations about the game

    Please, don't rush the game, make it great !!
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    Going over the crafts shown in the vid, given the chance, I'd take the nose / cockpit / fuselage / wings / tail / engines and kitbash together something entirely unique from them all. They all look amazing!

    But to answer the question, my ideal craft would have a flat profile, engines tucked in the back. Guns would be either fixed to the underside of the wings, or built into the wings themselves. Landing gear could double as clamps to attach the ship to asteroids / other vessels. A cloaking device that could be used to set up an ambush, slip into restricted areas, or quickly bail out if things get too hot. And a grappler to pull in cargo or to expose weak spots on targets.

    Color scheme? Diamond metal plate or carbon fiber-esque texture for the hull, painted black as night.

    Energy color for the engines and pilot hud? Make it red, pls :3
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    Anything lambo orange?
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    I like the one with the triangle-wing nose piece at 0:21. I just like weird, interesting wing shapes and those heavy engines. The patterns on all of these look incredible.

    I really want to like illegally race these through the cities, dodging between buildings and things!!! Not that I'd want to crash into people...maybe there are some force fields powered by diwalite around pedestrian areas set up by savvy individuals for their neighborhoods, or by mobs who could charge for protection, or even by the government? As for crashing into other ships, I hope they have ejection seats and parachutes instead of seatbelts haha
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    I like the fighter in 0:20 with the funky colours. I would like my ship to be a heavy hitter with agility and an explorer
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    Can I get a Game of Thrones skin please
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    Beautiful designs

    I love the ships and the colors are vibrant with edging details, however could they have more fuelflame or hyper stream line
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    Can we have the ability to have glowing paint or neon lights that we can place anywhere around the ship? A tron/cyberpunk ship would look crazy dope!
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    If I had a starship, Id be down with one that was fast and with good manueuverability, with light and medium guns. I think one of the main differentiations on this topic is the design/color and the functionality differences, like maneuverablity
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    Something resembling Star Wars probably.
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