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    AC3R: I've encountered two bugs and none of them let me have full sync

    Hello, I write this because I've encountered two bugs in my game that won't let me finish it properly.

    The first one is a bug from the general stores. When I visit one, and then I leave it, on the map it says "General store (Not visited)" when I've clearly visited it, even bought things at it. This same thing happens to me at several general stores, in Frontier, Boston and New York.

    The problem with this is not the (not visited) mark on the map, because, even if it's still a bug, it doesn't affect anything. The problem is that in the third set of tasks of the Frontiersmen Club, there is one that says "Visit every general store in the Frontier".

    Because of the bug that won't register 2 of the 3 general stores in Frontier as visited, I can't complete this challenge, blocking me of having full sync of the game.

    And there's a second, I think, bug.

    When I go to a general store to buy weapons, there are some weapons that are locked with the description, for example (This is from memory) "Weapon material found in a Boston chest in sequence 6" and I can't buy it. This happens for more weapons, and in New York too.

    That would be a normal thing, if it weren't because in my sync bar, I've opened 100% of all the chests in the game, and I'm on sequence 12.

    This blocks me from buying all the weapons of the store, which is also a challenge for the third set of tasks of the Brawler Club, so it blocks me from completing it, and, as the same thing happens with the first bug, it doesn't let me have full sync of the game.

    I hope someone can help me, or even Ubisoft, because it's really the only thing I have left to complete this game, and it'd be a shame to leave it like that at this rate.

    Thanks for reading, I'm awaiting answers.
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    Might as well give up, Ubisoft sure have...

    btw, do my posts still show up at all, or have some mods decided that there should be no uncomfortable truth, only undeserved praise? (Not sure if you can tell, but I am indeed rather cynical)
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    Hi Rysenn_1! Thanks for the report. Are you able to provide any screenshots from the issues you are experiencing?
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    The first 1 is a bug, but I still got full sync.
    The 2nd one is, the wording is misleading, the ones you get blue prints from the chest you go to a general store or go home in homestead. In the book, you wi need to craft the weapons and not buy it
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