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    Buff shelly

    shelly actually have a good charged atack but... their atack itself suck, please buff their atack, its a good card, only needs a little push to being a good card (i use shelly because i have ninjew lv 4)

    sorry for my english im from chile xp

    thanks for this awesome game...
    good luck in the battle field n.n
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    I have not seen anybody using this card, that really means the card is not viable at all. Shelly needs a buff!
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    Yeah, just little more attack or faster and she could be great card for push and defence.
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    Her charged attack is boring.
    I think she should carry a shotgun on her back, and when the charge is done she gets to shoot said shotgun and the best part is thats its loaded with buckshots which damages and stuns opponents.
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