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    Same issue with leaderboards here. Somethings fishy..
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    Same issue for me. 14 players
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    Still isn't fixed.
    I just sent a case file to support.
    Let's hope they fix it in time.
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    same issue here with very inconsistent leaderboards. few competitors by track with 'fake' data like 'top 15% but #1 in the track leaderboard,, or top100% with a platinum medal ! :/
    on the opposite, it seems global leaderboard is coming back step by step as I see +22k people now (but far from 60k of previous leg...)

    so no idea on which track to race to really improve ranking.

    Any news on that Capt Wheelie?

    on track piece in the wheel, I agree: ultra rare so very impossible to collect.
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    Same problem here. Actually it happened since early week maintenance in leg 3 (no new players + inconsistent rankings). Submitted a case on wednesday, was escalated and now waiting...
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    Glitched leaderboard here as well.
    Apparently I’m #1 and have screenshots to prove it.
    Fishy indeed.
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    This is now fixed, at least for me (iOS). The event leaderboards and % are back to looking normal.
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