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    [BUG] Multiplayer players swapped if player is missing


    We've had a multiplayer game swap it's players after saving the game and loading in if the composition changes. This renders our savegame useless and is a major issue.

    We started a game with 4 players and eliminated one.
    This leaves us with players of slots 1, 2 and 4.
    After saving the game and loading it back up, we present the game with players in slot 1, 2 and 4.
    Player 1 (host) remains Player 1.
    Player 2 becomes Player 4.
    Player 3 is eliminated and his slot is empty.
    Player 4 becomes Player 3 who was eliminated in the previous session.

    If we load the game up again with all players, even the eliminated one, we are setup normally, but this is not an option to constantly ask a person to just load the game up with us other 3 people.

    Thank you for your time.
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    It appears the bug is more widespread: https://www.reddit.com/r/anno/commen..._when_loading/
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    Hello Slikey94, welcome to the forums!

    I'm sorry that you are experiencing this. The development team are aware of it and are working on a fix!

    Any update will be posted on this forum, so please keep an eye out.

    Thank you for your patience!
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    Thank you so much for the response, I am happy to hear you are aware of the issue!

    We will wait patiently! Have a great day!
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    Wtf is going on devs??????

    why is your dev team that incompetent?
    I am studying computer science.. give me a job and I will fix your bug by replicating it and debugging it in maximum of one week!

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    Stop working on payable content

    Hello devs,

    stop working on ****ing payable content like DLCs or skins or ******** like that!

    fix your bugs and ONLY THEN continue making new content!
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    Please fix this soon. You can't expect everyone to be online every time a few people want to continue a multiplayer save. It is extremely frustrating and the complete opposite to how people expect MP to work
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    May and till no FIX yet.
    How the **** can this happen. This game breaking bug exists when the game still in closed beta.
    How the **** there is still no hot-fix yet.

    My first Anno game and first Ubisoft Game since 2016 Division 1 disaster. I expected improvement.
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    Yeah, I am very disappointed aswell. There is no update on known issues and there is no change here. Ubisoft is letting us down. They made a fun game which is just being ruined because another Anno has a broken Multiplayer.
    What a sad fate another promising Anno is taking here.
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    Just read the Patch 02 list. STILL no FIX yet unless i've missed something.

    Srsly. WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON. MY First ANNO game and Ubisoft Game in years. This is what i end up getting????
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