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    The issue is still under investigation.

    Regretfully, we have no further information at present.
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    And I see you also have no information on how to update your known issues.

    Seriously this must be an easy fix. Just map players to their ID instead of their slot index. This is becoming annoying.

    But what fool am I to trust Ubisoft. I should have known better.
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    Regretfully, we are still left with a completely broken multiplayer 4 weeks after release.

    Other issues that I don't think have been acknowleged by Ubi yet:

    - Sometimes friends don't get invites, or the invites show up in Ubi friends list but not in the Anno game. Or they don't show at all and you have to restart the game and Anno. The "re-invite" button sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.
    - Sometimes the multiplayer becomes unavailable randomly and requires a restart of the game and Ubi soft to "reconnect"
    - If a player quits in the middle of a game, sometimes it will just freeze the entire game for everyone and effectively end the game.
    - If you manually save a game and do not add a unique name, cloud "autosaves" will overwrite it.

    - "Public Game" checkbox apparently does nothing. It is not documented anywhere. There is no game guide or "instruction manual" that details this option. Is there suppose to be a lobby? Right now there is only private games and "quick play" where you are matched with randoms. There is no option to host a public game with a friend and get a random player to fill the 3rd and 4th slots. You have to both hit "quick play" and pray you get into the same game.
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    while others did put it quite blunt, I have to admit I have no idea why the investigation of this problem takes so long...

    It is a very aboyung bug and hould not be that hard to fix.

    But I understand it is not highest prio.

    Also maybe you can teach your suppot that if someone writes a report about a GENERAL and reproducable bug, it is NOT about their PC
    (Putting more irems in th sale with npcs than slots are available-> game crashes.

    Anyway the game is amazing and I would love to play more... But I cant expect my fried to always join me beforehand...
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    Any news on this topic?
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    Bumping the thread. We started a game with 3 players and 1 NPC before update 4, we tried yesterday and two players are swapped. We have tried everything, even loading the first save of this game, with no results whatsoever.

    Almost 12 hours of game and it's now unplayable. The first reports are from the BETA and the team is "aware of the issue".

    So, maybe it's time to fix it ? Everybody would be greatful for an update on the matter, thanks.
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    Opened a Bug Thread to nearly the same problem.. no response so far..
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