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    [BUG] Missing Cargo Slots after destroyed ship


    I guess i've found a bug. I just started a new game (with DLC) and i did some missions with de salvager. I take the boat to the first world and it was destroyed by pirates.

    After picking up the cargo the boat left i can't empty the cargo slots in my harbour so at the moment i have 2 ship of the lines with 2 cargo slots.

    See screen below.

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    And here is another picture where you can see that one aro slot is empty -> https://ibb.co/sPGp2jG
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    Hello steuberke,

    Thanks for reporting this! I passed it on to the development team for further review. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this!
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    I think I have the same issue


    I destroyed a depot in my harbor and it dropped some float stuff so.... i picked it up with my ship. now i have slots I can’t fill or empty.
    I am running on the latest patch and the DLC.
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    there is also no tooltip ... --->https://ibb.co/vVPfFNz
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    Exact issue

    I picked up cargo in new world and slops cannot be emptied and there is no toll tip exactly as above.
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