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    Unless you HAVE to remain in stealth, punch them a couple of times first, they usually take the hint...
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    Originally Posted by cap.cla Go to original post
    I've seen another discussion where someone proposed a remake of assassin's creed 1.
    There Ubisnout wrote even that he would say to the developpers that the fans are tied to assassin's creed 1.
    It has passed more than one year since that post,so maybe Ubisoft is already developping a remaster or,like many people have said,a remake.
    I must admit that I'd like playing assassin's creed 1 with the grafic of the last games,but this is the problem.
    If Ubisoft made an assassin's creed remake with the RPG elements of odyssey and valhalla,it would make a lot of people angry.
    I don't want to immagine how it would be choosing to killing Maria Thorpe or not killing Al Mualim or having a female version of Altaïr(Please!Don't do this thing if you're making a remake!).
    Naturally a remake without this elements,but with that graphic would be fantastic.
    I hope that the season pass of valhalla will be revealed soon,because assassin's creed 1 remake could be part of it.
    A remake keeping the core gameplay but cleaning it up. If Ubisoft doesn't have time then they should definitely outsource it to Bluepoint after Demons Souls remake launches.
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    If they do, do we think they would include a connected Bloodlines remaster? It seems like a real AC game & they put so much emphasis on Liberation, for whatever reason, but largely act like Bloodlines doesn't exist. That's despite the fact that it's storyline with Altair is canon & brought up in ACII-- Revelations.
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    If they do this, I want a remaster, not a remake. I want the original game to stand as it is with no changes except updating the graphics in the same was as the other HD remasters had, and have it be Xbox One/Series X, rather than Xbox 360 BackComp, so that that annoying logo switch doesn't happen when I start the game.

    If they go with a remake, they must do 3 things:

    1) KEEP ALL SCENES AND DIALOGUE THE SAME, ONLY ADD NEW ONES, DO NOT CHANGE ANY ORIGINAL SCENES OR DIALOGUE!!! This is crucial; the original game as it is must be kept. Simply redo the scenes with today's graphics, but don't change what happens in those scenes and use the original dialogue exactly, same voices and everything.

    2) For any new scenes or dialogues, use the same voice actors. If there is an actor who is not available, wait until they are. If there is a voice actor who is dead, get someone who can sound JUST LIKE THEM and have them do the new scenes, but keep their lines to a minimum so as not to break the illusion.

    3) Do an HD port of Bloodlines and Altair's Chronicles, alter it's graphics enough to match up with the main game, and incorporate it as a side campaign to the main game in the main menu, as well as a remastered version of the original game, so that Altair's entire story can be played on console, not just AC1 and Revelations.

    If these 3 things cannot be done (number 3 is negotiable; 1 and 2 are not), then no remake should be attempted, only a remaster.
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    Assassins Creed 1 Remaster

    Just a suggestion if possible to remaster the original assassins creed, as it's still holds up today just graphics wise a bit behind, was the first original game to kick of the series and is the only one which isn't remastered for current gen consoles
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    A remastered version would be welcome but a remake would be welcome too. We won't get either!!
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    I would really enjoy a remake, that also includes Altair's Chronicles (set before AC) and Bloodlines (set after AC) as extra memories/sequences.

    Ideally an open world like Origins and Odyssey linking the Kingdom to Masyaf, Acre, Damascus, Jerusalem, Arsuf and Solomon's Temple with out loading screens, plus adding in Alep, Tyre and the Temple of Sand from Altair's Chronicles. With a separate map for Cyprus from Bloodlines.

    Combat I would wish to be a mix between Origins and AC II/Brotherhood.
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    I just suggested this in the another thread about a remaster/remake but also included Altair's Chronicles along with Bloodlines.
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    A 'remake' of AC1 through the lens of modern AC games would ruin it. it does not need to be more "fluid" imo
    AC1 is a very linear game that just so happens to take place in a open world .
    Yes, the activities are repetitive because the devs didn't have time to do more seeing as so much time and effort went into just creating the worlds themselves as said by Jade Raymond, herself. Having lots of side quests and mini activities would not feel right for the character of Altair.

    Remaster, fine, but not remake.
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