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    Interestingly I just found out that both the PS3 and PC versions don't have achievements. That is surprising to me since we Xbox owners get 44 achievements and 1000 gamerscores for this game.
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    PLEASE make AC1 again!!

    I think no matter which direction is taken (full re-imagination or just remaster) it would be awesome to play this game again!! I think what's missing from the current games and is in place in the original is the emphasis on stealth. In part 1 you could blend in with Monks and there wasn't ever a real "clear path" to your assassination. You could also pull it off stealthily if you were good enough.

    I also liked that you got your throwing knives by pick pocketing mercenaries in the city and that the combat and combat items were simple but effective and took skill to use.

    I also miss the old parkour system. It used to require more work. I think it's been improved to the point where it's no longer a skill that you get gratification out of doing well. It's just the same as walking around. Which is nice, but also not exciting.

    Also the main goal used to be getting kills with your hidden blade. Now the hidden blade is almost non existent.

    Just wanted to add a few things that I miss. PLEASE make AC1 again Ubisoft!!
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    I prefer ac with the same time period with altair, with different protagonist and in the middle crosslined with altair on the mission, it would be sicked!
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    Same Story, New Gameplay

    My wife and I both LOVE this franchise and are currently replaying through all the games that we have (which is every game besides the original). I played it when it was new but my wife still has never seen or heard any of the story of Altair. PLEASE remake this game with the same story and even dialogue but new gameplay. Remastering 2007 graphics in 2020 and beyond will be a huge miss.
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    Do you think that there will be an Assassin's Creed 1: Remastered?

    In this years ubisoft has made the remastered of some assassin's creed games:first the Ezio collection and then assassin's creed rogue remastered and assassin's creed III remastered.
    So now almost all there chapters are playable on the actual generation consoles and probably,through the retrocompatibility,also on the next generation consoles.
    Only one hasn't got a remastered: assassin's creed 1.
    A lot of people had ask for it and it surely would give us what the new games can't give.
    So,do you think that there will be am assassin's creed 1 remastered?
    Surely it would be only for the next gen consoles and it could be part of the assassin's creed valhalla season pass.
    Assassin's creed valhalla will connect the hidden ones to the assassins and this is a good reason to return where it all has begun.
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    They need to make an Assassins Creed 1 REMAKE not just remastered. Also, the only game without a platinum trophy. They must make it so I can add it to my platinum trophy collection. Why have they waited this long to do so?
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    I would also prefer a remake than a remaster for AC1. The story is great, but I find the game so damn repetitive. They would have to make it more fluid if they do a new version of it.
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    I've seen another discussion where someone proposed a remake of assassin's creed 1.
    There Ubisnout wrote even that he would say to the developpers that the fans are tied to assassin's creed 1.
    It has passed more than one year since that post,so maybe Ubisoft is already developping a remaster or,like many people have said,a remake.
    I must admit that I'd like playing assassin's creed 1 with the grafic of the last games,but this is the problem.
    If Ubisoft made an assassin's creed remake with the RPG elements of odyssey and valhalla,it would make a lot of people angry.
    I don't want to immagine how it would be choosing to killing Maria Thorpe or not killing Al Mualim or having a female version of Altaïr(Please!Don't do this thing if you're making a remake!).
    Naturally a remake without this elements,but with that graphic would be fantastic.
    I hope that the season pass of valhalla will be revealed soon,because assassin's creed 1 remake could be part of it.
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    Would love to see this one remastered. Doesn't make sense to me that other ones were remastered and not this one.
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    After experiencing AC3 Remastered, I vote this a strong NO.
    AC should remain as a good memory. What they should do is AC1 Remake.
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