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    Trying to set up my amp and need help

    Hey there!

    So i've got a Ibanez IBZ10BV2 bass amp (I got it with a bass for free) and I'm trying to use it with my electric guitar to play through instead of the game.

    It's got these knobs:

    And my guitar sounds like this when I've got all the knobs set to 0:


    What I want it to sound like is a bit more closer to what default Rocksmith effect is:


    Is something like this possible? I've been messing with the dials a bit and i've just made it worse. But it sounds a bit off even at default... (probably because its a bass amp)
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    If it is a bass amp and you are trying to use it with a guitar, you are probably not going get a good tone dialed in much less a specific tone.
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    Generally, start with the Bass, Middle, Treble knobs at 12 o'clock as a default position and adjust to taste.

    The problem with your sound is that bass tends to be played fairly clean, without a lot of screechy distortion. Guitar amps tend to have 2 channels - clean and overdrive - to drastically change the gain and distortion available for various styles. Short answer: no, you're not going to get that distortion sound you're wanting from that amp because there's no way to adjust the gain without adding a separate distortion pedal. You could get a Boss DS-1 pedal to plug in, if you wanted.
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    Get yourself a guitar amp. An actually treble clef amp.

    A Boss Katana is $229 retail (less than my Yamaha THR10C). Add a footswitch and it is $279.

    But you might find a good deal on cragslist or a local reseller.
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    Nothing wrong with using a small bass amp for guitar, but as everyone else has said you're going to get a really clean tone out of it. I used a Fender Rumble 40 bass amp for my guitar for quite a while, and it worked great. But it also had a foot-switchable distortion knob to switch from clean to dirty. Since it's a bass amp designed to pump the bass, you will probably need to turn down the bass control and turn up the middel and treble for a good clean guitar tone.

    A multi-fx pedal is the way I went with my bass amp so that I had a lot of options for what pedal types to add and see what I liked, without having to spend so much on individual pedals. I would highly recommend a cheap multi-fx unit.
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