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    I have:

    OS: Windows XP
    Processor: P4 2.93 ghz
    Memory: 512 mb DDR ram
    Graphics card: 256 mb Nvidia Gforce Fx5200

    Do I need to upgrade to the recommended 1 gig of memory to get this game to run more smoothly or is the problem just poor coding on the part of the developers? It gets VERY choppy when I sink a ship, almost to the point of being unplayable.
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    Unless you can do both, you should upgrade your video card 1st. Even at 256mb the Fx5200 is really not a true DX9 card. The extra ram you mentioned is important too, but you will not see a real performance increase until you upgrade the video card.
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    When I started I was using a radeon 9600 xt with 512 ram. It was consistantly choppy during the training missions, and almost stalling when I tried to play campaign. Even sitting in port was taxing my system. I added another 512 ram and it's smoothed out a lot, but still very choppy. Next step will be upgrading my athlon 1800 and motherboard. That should solve any remaining problems.

    Sinking ships didn't cause the chopping to get any worse though. Not nearly as bad as you seem to be getting. I'd have to agree with caltone. Get a new vid card. And remember that some people have graphics problems with nvidia cards here.
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    Thanks for the info, any suggestions on a better video card that won't put too much hurt on my wallet?
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    Athlon 1.4ghz<O/C 1.77ghz>
    Nvidia 128mb fx5200
    1gb kingston hyperx (O/C)
    Windows Xp sp2

    I notice alittle drop in frame rates. I will use fraps and note the frame rates I am getting in game. With this computer configuration I can still play the game with little noticeable slowdown.i.e. it's still playable.
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    I haven't seen any stutter yet on this box. I am though still fooling with the settings on the vid card to get as much eye candy as I can as I am an old IL2/FB/PF pilot that was used to it. First thing if you have stutter is to back off the video settings a touch...if that doesn't help add a stick of RAM.


    MSi K8N Neo2 Platinum
    AMD64 3800+
    2Gig GEIL RAM
    2 WD Raptor SATA Drives
    ATI X800 Pro Vid card
    Sharp LCD
    Audigy2ZS Platinum
    Antec Quiet Case
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    Works fine for me now. Had some FPS lose after patch 1.2 but that seems to have gone away now.
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    Asus A7N8X deluxe 333FSB
    Athlon XP2800+
    Radeon 9800 pro
    1 gig 333 mhz DDR Ram
    2 40 gig ATA 7200 rpm drives
    XP sp2

    Don’t seem to have any trouble playing or losing frame rates on this rig. Video card and ram would help you Shaggyofwv . But try What TX-Cuda suggested back off your setting a bit and see what happens. And make sure you have no programs running in the background. ( ie windows services, antivirus.) that will be using what ram you already have.
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    XP sp2
    pentium4 1,5 ghz
    640 mb ram

    i had big problems after installing sh3.
    screeching sounds and stuff and my cd-drive and dvd-drive started to run and totally locked up my computer. my cd-drive stopped working after a while..i disconnected the cd-drive and the game works fine now..i think it was a starforce incompability problem..i have to buy a new cd-drive..thanks ubisoft for using starforce
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    Yes, your video card is the bottleneck of performance for this game. I had the 5200fx before, and I know too painfully well how it performs on newer games (I'm happily using the 6600gt right now).

    Suggestion: depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you don't want a major upgrade, and want a way out cheap, then try something like the 5900 or 5950. If you are more hardcore, try the 6800 series.
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